Component always better than "kit"?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Justin.A, Aug 10, 2004.

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    After getting some feedback from you folks on the forums Im starting to reconsider my HT speaker choices.

    Infact, Im even more confused/frustrated by choices than ever before! [​IMG]

    My initial idea was to get a Logitech Z680 kit for my new entertainment area (+- 5m x 4m x 2.5m). After speaking to a few ppl, the general concencus was that "multimedia" speaker kits are no where near the quality of audio kits / component systems.

    Ok, so thats simple, scratch the "multimedia" kit speaker (even though it has THX etc etc).

    Now it gets tricky. Unfortunately I dont have the funds for B&O / McLaren etc high end speakers.

    My price range puts me squarely in the high-end consumer "kit" level... that would be your electronics companies like "LG, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung". You know, those grey colour kits with dvd player, and everythings plastic...

    The other option is an entry level component set, like those offered by Kenwood and Wharfdale.

    The folks at the audio shop have recommended a Kenwood set and Id like to hear your feedback.

    The kit includes an AMP and 5 speakers (two which are floor standing and have a "port" at the bottom front). I have a DVD player, so thats not an issue.

    The folks also tell me that for a room my size a sub will most probably be overkill, and that these speakers should be sufficient.

    Ive saved up a bit and am selling my old Technics SUV500 amp and two Technics SB-LX70 200w 3Way speakers, so hope fully this new Kenwood (etc) will be better???

    My questions are:

    1) Will the Kenwood (etc) system deliver better quality/performance than the "Samsung type plastic kits"?

    2) Will the Kenwood (etc) give better performance than my old Technics set, even though it has a lower Watt rating?

    3) Is a sub a "must have"?

    Ive included the specs below for info.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated!

    The model they suggest is the Kenwood "Volcano System" which includes the following:

    1x Kenwood V4080 5.1 AMP
    100w x5
    Dolby Digital/DTS/PLII/ActiveEQ/DSP (5modes)
    24bit Crystal DSP
    24bit resolution D/A a/D
    96kfs 24bit data input
    1 Optical in, 2 coax in

    2x Kenwood 2Way 4"Bookshelf Speakers
    50Watt RMS
    8 Ohms

    1x Dual 4" Centre Channel
    100Watt RMS
    8 Ohms

    2x 3Way Dual5" Floorstanding
    120Watt RMS
    8 Ohms
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    Nick So
    How much are you looking to spend?

    Its usually much better to not get the HTiB, and spring for buying speakers and the reciever seperately. The speakers in the kenwood set are barely decent at best. Kenwood is not known for their speakers, but I do like their receivers.

    Some cheap speaker sets can be found with great bang for the buck.

    For example, the fluance is talked about here as being great for the price:

    A decent reciever:

    and a sub:

    and you're good to go.
  3. Jon W.

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    I started out my HT with a Kenwood box system. All I can say is its been 3 years now and not a Kenwood piece is left. I upgraded every last piece one piece at a time. I think you should seriously reconsider. I replaced my Kenwood so called 100 wpc receiver with an Onkyo TX-DS777 rated at 105 wpc and let me tell you, either those 5 extra watts really made a difference or Kenwood is lieing. The Kenwood system I bought had tower fronts with 10" side firing woofers and sounded like they were'nt even there with the Kenwood receiver. The same speakers with the Onkyo came to life and sounded really good to be cheap speakers. The bass response with the 2 receivers was night and day difference.

    Having said that I suggest maybe looking at the Onkyo HTiB systems maybe. I'm not here trying to promote Onkyo because I will be scrapping mine for a Denon in the near future. Not because of sound quality but more for menu features and the composite/component/s-video conversion capabilities. At least with the Onkyo system you would get a better quality receiver to build from. My best recommendation would be a Denon AVR-3805 to sit in the closet while you saved for speakers. [​IMG]

    Hope that helps a little...
  4. ChrisHeflen

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    Justin, as Nick asked, what's your budget? You can probably do better than you think.

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