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Complete package for aound $1000? (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2004

I've been posting the same question at various HT forums. I'm just another newbie looking for some pointers on where to start. Yes, my budget tight for a complete package. But then I guess this should be fine for a 300 sq ft living room. I am not interested in the "Home theater in box" kind of solutions, since I didn't read good reviews about them. I am willing to go upto $1200, though.

My friends were suggesting I should get a really good receiver and an average speakers so that I can upgrade easily later. Would like to know your take on this. Any advice very much appreciated!!

Current Configuration :frowning: :
Panasonic Progression Scan 5 - DVD
Looking to buy a nice Panasonic Projection TV


Jed M

Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 2001
I would actually look into the Rocket ELT package but that is a bit more than you were looking to spend. The receiver it comes with I think is the Denon 1804, but don't quote me on that. I own the speakers and they are a tremendous value for the money.

Either way, I don't buy your friend's whole upgrading is easier when buying a nice receiver. If you buy really nice speakers down the line, chances are you will want to upgrade your receiver as well. In reality, this whole system is disposable if you don't see yourself keeping the speakers for the long haul. So my advice would be to go for the best sounding system you can get for 1200 right now, not the best sounding receiver you can get for speakers you don't plan on owning for some time. Sorry if that was confusing.

If my advice isn't taken, which I would take no offense, I would probably go with a Fluance package and then get a nice receiver.


Jul 2, 2003
This is not the place for this thread. Ask a mod to move it, probably to Receivers...

But my advice for now is: GO SHOPPING. We can't tell you what to buy. Go price various configurations out, listen to them, do all that. Then come back and ask for specific advice.

Joe Thompson

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 16, 2002
Actually have to agree with Drew....this doesn't belong here, but that said, I would spend as much of your budget as you can on your speakers. You can always upgrade to a better receiver later.

Good speakers can make a cheap receiver sound better, but I don't believe a good receiver can make cheap speakers sound good.....just my opinion

I would recommend checking out www.audioenvy.com & maybe taking a listen to some of the wonderful "internet" companies like Swan Diva, Onix Rockets, Axiom, etc....
At audioenvy someone in your area can give you a testdrive of some internet products...it is a great service.
Also, Energy Encore's are not bad if you can get a good price on them.

Also, I have seen really cheap recievers at Ecost like the Onkyo TX-501 I believe for $149 right now....not a bad receiver for starters, especially with the right speakers.....

Stay far away from the "home theater in a box" idea!!



Dec 18, 2000
You need a receiver, speakers, and a sub. My guess is your room is 2400 or so cubic feet (15' x 20' x 8'). I'd start out with a solid foundation for the subwoofer. Get one that will last. IMO, you will want something such as the HSU VTF-2. Couple that with the HSU Ventriloquist system and you have surround sound for around $660 delivered. Now you can add on an excellent receiver, such as a Yamaha HTR-5760 for $499 delivered and you will be set for a while. The thing you will want to upgrade later on will be the speakers.

The Rocket ELT package is an excellent one. The speakers will sound better for music but the sub will not be as good for HT. Another downside is you will get a lesser receiver though the aforementioned Onkyo is an excellent entry level one.

Another possibility is the Magnepan MMG W/MMG C for $897 (unsure about shipping), the $150 Onkyo, and possibly a Dayton Audio powered 10" sub. The downside will be the sub and receiver won't be up to par though the speakers will shine. Just don't expect them to do anything under 100Hz.

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