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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by richiewrt, Jun 27, 2009.

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    First off, let me say thanks for the great forums here and the wealth of information available. I am hopefully getting ready to build my first home theater (my fiance and I are working on buying our first house), and I have a few questions. I think I have a pretty good idea about the equipment that I want, but I am curious if anyone is running a similar setup and what your results were. I am also looking for suggestions for speakers to go with the system since I really have no idea about ht speakers. Also, I am looking to see if I am missing anything that I should have, or any other important tid bits that I might be missing. Here is the equipment that I plan on:

    Projector = Panasonic PT-AE3000U
    Screen = Elite Cinetension2 (probably in the neighborhood of 106", but I won't know till we actually buy our house)
    Reciever = Marantz SR 5003 or the 6003 (what are you're guys thoughts on if the 6003 is worth the price difference)

    The room will hopefully not have to deal with much ambient light as it only has 1 window, and I plan on dropping the screen down in front of the window. Any suggestions as to what material to use for window treatments, I know I will need something heavy to keep the sun out and to keep it from heating up the screen too much. The room is around 12' by 20' ( not exact measurements), but the ceiling is 8' on the end with the window and only 7' after about 12' out from the long wall.
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    Taking a quick look at the two (and I mean quick!) it looks like the main differences are the 6003 adds a USB input and an additional HDMI output. But the 5003 has two component video outputs. The 6003 is also rated at 100wpc verses 90 for the 5003, but I doubt you would notice the extra 10 watts. And they both consume 600 watts so there might not be any difference at all. I'd save the $150-200 and get 5003. Use the savings on an up-graded subwoofer.

    If music were a priority I would never try to talk anyone out of a Marantz, but if this is for a movie/gamming setup you might want to consider the Denon 1910/790 instead. It/they have the Audyssey Dynamic Volume and EQ which everyone is raving about around here.
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    the sr 5003 has audyssey as well

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