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Complete Newbie.. help with setup on Nicam TV (1 Viewer)


Oct 7, 2004
Hi im totally new to this board and partially new to the home cinema setup.

I used to own a Panasonic 28" TX-W28R4DP with Dolby Surround, bass box and two speakers. It was good for its day and even better when it was working (sodding thing blew up on me, long story..!)

So I bought a 32" 100hz flat screen with nicam stereo and decided to sort the sound part out after. The thing im trying to get my head round is how it all works really. I see a lot of places sell dvd home cinema systems at quite cheap prices, is this something im looking to buy?

I basically want to transmit the nicam coming out of my tv into Dolby surround. How is this possible, do I need to get an amp and run the surround speakers through it or will a decent dvd do this? Some pointers would be a great help..

Thanks in advance

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Typicially at a minimum you would need and Audio/Visual Reciever (AVR) with surround sound processing and 5 speakers, because it is called DD 5.1 / DTS 6.1 / ect.. You really should have a subwoofer as well.

If your looking to get surround from DVD, you bypass any sound connections to your display from the DVD player, and hook only the video to the display and a digital cable to the AVR from the DVD player.

If you use the tuner in your display, and your display supports stereo, you simply hook the L/R audio out from the display to analog inputs on the AVR.

Now some displays include HDTV tuners, and also have digital audio output, of course if your display has this, you would use it ove the analog outputs from it to the AVR.

I hope this helped some.

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