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Complaint with Epson Powerlite Home 1080UB (1 Viewer)


Dec 1, 2008
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I bought this model last March. I've had problems with it since. I'm on my third unit, and just ordered a replacement (under warranty thank god) since the latest one quit working. Won't power up. Did all the checks, outlet good, buttons not locked, switch turned on...My biggest complaint is it's mounted on the ceiling and is a hassle to remove. I've had green or red spots appear in the picture which I'm told are dust spots that have to be removed at the factory....one replacement was worse than the original so I sent it back without ever mounting it. I hope when this unit is out of warranty the large 90+ LCD televisions will be affordable because I really don't want another projector like this.

Chris PC

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May 12, 2001
Unfortunately the Epson warranty is far from perfect going on what I hear from Epson 1080 and 1080UB owners. I owned a an Epson home 1080 that I bought used and it was ok, but colour uniformity wasn't 100% perfect. I sold it before putting any hours on it and got the 1080UB Pro. I sold that one shortly after so again I didn't log many hours. It was better than the 1080 but again, it wasn't perfect. Epson has a long warranty, but it seems when units are sent in for warranty by the customer, Epson does not always replace them with a brand new unit. I would complain until I was satisfied. QC doesn't seem to be very high for some batches of lcd projectors. I think the Pro models had better warranty treatment? Another option is the LCOS projectors from Sony and JVC. Sealed light path = no dust blobs and so far colour and brightness uniformity have proved to be fairly good with these. The least expensive unit would be the Sony HW10. I am seriously looking at this model as my next projector.

...but back to your problem. I would just stick to your guns and complain until I was satisfied. You can always kick up a stink and demand a refund. I know at least one person who was offered that route.

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