Compatibility issue with Sony DVP-NS715P dvd player and widescreen tv

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  1. Aaron Cohen

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    Hi, I have a Sony 34 inch flat screen widescreen HDTV (KD34XBR2 I believe) and I own the Sony dvd player DVP-NS715P. I have noticed that there are strange lines at the very top of the screen that are very noticable during dark scenes and when the screen is pure dark when playing the dvd during certain scenes they are even more noticeable. There are about 10 lines.

    These lines are not there when viewing anything else on my tv. I tried the same dvd's that I experienced these problems with (all of them) in my x-box player and there were no lines at the top.... I also tried them in my PS2 dvd player and even though the picture looked pretty bad (obviously from the very low quality PS2 dvd player) there were no black lines at the top. I have the Sony DVD player set in the 16x9 viewing mode. I remember reading a little while back something about this dvd player being a bad choice for widescreen tv's. I didn't notice these problems at first but my college roommates (I have this tv in my dorm room) say that they have noticed them whenever we watch movies in the dvd player since I got it. Could these lines be a problem resulting from a poor anamorphic conversion from the dvd player?

    It almost gives off a look that the top part of the screen is much brighter than the bottom but again, the problem doesn't seem to be with the tv as dvd's played in other players did not repeat this problem. I have the dvd player hooked up through the component input with Monster Cable 3 (95 dollar ones) connecting it. I tried the same player hooked up to composite instead with the same problem.

    Also, the problem is the same in films that are in the 2:35:1 aspect ratio (with the small black bars on my widescreen tv) but in addition, with the Sony DVD Player, the edge on both the extreme top and bottoms of the viewing area has a blurred and reddish look to it that is not noticeable from across the room where I sit to watch the television but is very noticeable upon close inspection. This problem does not happen with my other dvd players.

    Can anyone help me out with this? Has anyone else heard of a similar problem with this or any other player and know if it has anything to do with the anamorphic conversion of the dvd player?

    Let me know if you need any other information from me at all about anything. I really want to try to get to the bottom of this and I was referred here by the good folks on the rotten tomatoes message boards who said that you guys here have an amazing knowledge of everything video related.

    Thanks for any help!!!!
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    Since the lines aren't happening with any other source or player, it almost has to be a problem with the player and not the tv. With the player set for 16/9, no anamorphic downconversion is occuring. Assuming the X-box and PS-2 were also in 16/9 mode, the line problem almost has to be player related.

    If the reddish line problem is also only with the Sony player and not with the Xbox or PS-2, then that also is most likely player related.

    If the player is still returnable, I'd suggest you take it back and exchange it.
  3. Jim Golden

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    I have the same player and a wide screen TV, but have not experienced any problems.


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