Compatibility between Samsung Tv & Panasonic Blue ray home theatre system

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    I have a new Samsung 8000 series smart TV and a Panasonic 490 blue ray home theatre system. The sound and picture is great for me, the problem I have is that they are meant to talk to each other through ARC, which they do when shutting down, but not turning on?
    I have to go through a lengthy process of turning tv on, turn on B/R which automatically takes me to playing a disc, I then have to go to B/R setting and change from HDMI 1 to ARC, then though tv remote change source from B/R to HDMI 1 which is Sky+. The HDMI lead goes from B/R to HDMI 3 on tv. I tried HDMI 2 (ARC) on tv but no sound at all?
    Is there something stupid I'm doing?:huh:
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    What "sound" are you trying to get out of the TV?
    If APP sound, it can't leave the TV, so you get either OTA or whatever is connected to the various HDMI/component video.
    And the "talking to each other" is CEC, not ARC. CEC has no "universal standard" no, Samsung and Panasonic don't have to speak the same language.
    CEC is the Viera/Anynet

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