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    I just started casually reading up on all the blu ray/hd-dvd stuff and wanted to know IF I ever did decided to upgrade(doubtful at this time because I'm very happy w/ my set up and really see no need to upgrade again) other than a new player, blu ray or hd what else might I have to upgrade? I have a denon 3802 receiver and a mitsubishi 46802 hd ready widescreen tv. Would I have to upgrade to newer receivers/tvs because neither has this HDMI output I'm reading about? Exactly what is that output for audio? video? or both? and could I still get the most out of a new dvd player if it was hooked up using components?
    Like I said just reading up for now but if I had to buy all new equipment just to get this upgrade then forget it. This whole mess w/ dual formats just seems annoying and unnecessary right now. There's nothing wrong w/ dvd and this looks like the companies just trying to squeeze more money out of everyone to me.
    But it's still best to be prepared just in case the day ever comes where one of these formats replaces dvd all together just like how dvd replaced laser disc.
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    Not a criticism Dan, but a bit more detailed reading of the threads where actual owners have made some comments would let you know that you don't actually have to upgrade everything (or in your case anything) in order to get some immediate benefits. To cite only one machine, the Toshiba outputs 1080i over component and so far there have been no reports of any released software disallowing that feature. This means that you can see HD on your display at no additional cost (unless you need additional component cables)

    Assuming your receiver has analog 5.1 inputs, you can connect the Denon to the HD-DVD player via the analog connections and get audio, including TrueHD. Again no cost, unless you need a set of 5.1 analog cables.

    In short you don't have to buy much of anything additional. I assume that you have been doing your reading at places other than the HTF.

    DAN NEIR Guest

    After further researching this my next question would be, which format do some of you own? What have been your impressions and how do you have your set ups connected?
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    Cees Alons

    If you take a look in the two owners forums in this HD section, I think you'll find all (or at least most) of your questions thoroughly answered!
    Very thoroughly. [​IMG]


    DAN NEIR Guest

    Got answers to most of my questions, just want to hear what everyone's impressions are of the two formats, which one do you have?

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