Commercial grade carpet or plush better for acoustics in my room

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  1. John D S

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    I have a 25 x 17 x 9' ceiling. Going to use single 1/2 inch sheetrock an all walls. Speakers are Martin Logan Odyssey,theater center and script rears. I have concrete floor and was originally planning on a plush carpet with thick padding but found some commercial grade carpet I like better but don't know if it will absorb enough to help deaden the room. The commercial grade carpet is very thin and dense and designed to be glued directly to the floor bu they can add a 3/8" pad.

    2nd question: I have 2x6 walls all the way around. On one of the 25' walls I am insulating with 3" soundproof insulation plus 3" of regular insulation. The other 25' wall is already built with regular insulation only and sheetrocked. This is an outside wall that is on a foundation which sticks out 2" so I will need to fir it out with 2"x2" studs. Would you just sheetrock over this making it hollow for 2" or would you add some insulation to try and make it as close to the

    same construction as the opposite wall. i don't know if it really matters or if I am just being too critical.


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    When I got to the point of buying carpet for my dedicated theater I had just about ran out of money. So I opted for Commercial grade carpet with a pad. I have been pleased with the sound absorbing properties of it but had I had the money I would have went with a plush. I personally would not go a glue down carpet.

    As for your walls I would put insulation in the 2" space. Better to do it while you can or it may haunt you later.

  3. Dave Pobuda

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    I am almost ready to carpet also and have given it some thought. I am going to get a piece of carpet cut to fit my room and have the edges bound then place that on a non skid pad. With some concrete paint around the edges it should look good and absorb the sound. Best of all no carpet installation charges ! Also down the road if I want to chnage it's a simple matter to poll it up and get a new piece in.[​IMG]

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