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Apr 27, 2000
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Why is it Hollywood studios repeat the same pattern in regards to Comic Book Adaptions over and over? Property A scores a suprise amount of return (read X-Men currently) so studios buy up every property in sight. First seeming step prior to production... change as much about the property as possible. Character details.. powers...abilities..history...motivation. Add big effects. Put these essentialy skimmed products out as fast as possible as if you were in a race for your life. Light the fuse...and then sit back as each subsequent release returns less and less. Surmise..."well people must not be interested in the comic/film genre" and stop producing them. Eight to ten years later... repeat pattern. Why can't studios either (a) come up with something original or (b) produce these films with quality and with an eye to maintain their basic structure in regards to character and orignal story? X-Men was tolerable...the reason why it received so much attention was that it was good FOR A HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION. Not really great in and of itself. I will give the upcoming SPIDER-MAN the benefit of the doubt as it also looks decent. (Organic webs...ummm..why?) However...juding from what I hear... the winds of crap are back upon us. The major revisions they have done to the HULK storyline are the first signs of the pattern beginning. Am I honestly the only one that sees the pattern? Why can't studios?

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