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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by allan espinoza, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. allan espinoza

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    could someone do me a favor and list what channels are in hd? what shows are presented hd that are pretty good? is there a tv guide somewhere online where i can know what upcoming events will be presented in hd? thanks a lot for your time in doing this, comcast didnt provide with at least a users manual when they installed it. another thing, how should the settings be in the menu(the settings you set when the unit is off by pressing menu)thanks a lot
  2. Darrel McBane

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    Got to Comcast dot com and click on "what's in my area" section. The HD channels have an "*" next to them and are above 100 on the digital box.
  3. Don S

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    Jan 23, 2000
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    In my area:

    Comcast SportsNet - Channel 200 ESPN - Channel 202
    Discovery HD Theater - Channel 205
    INHD - Channel 206
    INHD2 - Channel 207
    WABC (ABC) - Channel 210
    WNBC (NBC) - Channel 211
    WCBS (CBS) - Channel 212
    WNYW (FOX) - Channel 213
    WNET (PBS) - Channel 220

    HBO East - Channel 228 and 300
    Showtime East - Channel 238 and 339
    Cinemax East - Channel 233 and 319
    Starz! East - Channel 248 and 368

    ALso HDTV Galaxy is not too bad for HD listings ..

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