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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by RolandL, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Roland Lataille
    Anyone have this? It's about the same cost as I paying now for ATT internet (upload 18mps, down 1.5 mps $62 month) and Comcast cable $128 a month for two HD DVR's, four digital boxes. $189 a month for any room DVR, 3 HD boxes, download 50mps, upload 10 mps, etc. - . I don't know what problems anyone is having with this.
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    Just came across your post, sorry for the late reply.

    I switched to Comcast for internet and phone last August. Kept Dish for TV.

    Internet is great, easily in the 25-27 mps range. However phone service sucks. Maybe they don't have enough experience in VOIP to offer it. I'm calling them at least 3-4 times a month to get something fixed.

    Calls don't ring, they go to Comcast voicemail even though I'm not on the phone yet I get no notice for 2-3 days, the light on the modem will blink, sometimes being the only clue I've got an incoming call. Caller ID works about 50% of the time. Reset the modem over and over, finally got a new one, they even changed out some wiring. I'll get calls with no ring, other times just a "beep", but not a full ring. The phone will show "line in use" for 10-15 minutes, so finally I'll put it on speaker phone and it's just modem/fax tones so I disconnect it.

    I've switched to three different phone setups I've owned throughout the past 15 years, all do the same thing so it's not the phone. They've discovered software problems on their end and will do some sort of reload so I might be good for a week or two but it starts all over again.

    Even had the nerve to charge me $50.00 for a service call. Luckily they kept notes and saw how many times I had called in so they removed it, but this August when my contract is up, I'm done with them.
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    I have the Xfinity triple play and no issues with any of the services. Comcast products and customer support has improved greatly over past offerings. I am motivated by price and they gave me a good one to switch from FIOS. I would go back to FIOS for the right deal - but I have no problems whatsoever with Xfinity.

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