COMCAST forcing digital cable boxes down suscribers' throats!!! (Merged)

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by MielR, May 23, 2009.

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    That's not what it says, based on what was posted here:

    "* iO offers over 100 HD channels** in all, including NY sports, movies, and local channels in HD for FREE!"

    Remove the underlining that was added in this forum, and it could be read to mean:

    1. Only the local channels are free in HD.

    2. All of these are free in HD- NY sports, movies, and local channels.

    3. You get over 100 HD channels for free (although without another comma, this one is less likely).

    It's certainly vaguely worded and could easily be considered misleading advertising at best.

    It's also unclear whether "NY" refers to just sports, or also movies and local channels, too, based on how poorly worded that is. Maybe movies filmed in NY are free in HD.

    If this were spoken, rather than written, any of the 3 interpretations above would be equally valid.

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