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    Hello! So far all may questions have been answered by searching through the archives. This'll be my first post here.

    I've got a Denon 3300 with one digital coax input and two sources with digital coax out. Can I "combine" these with a splitter? I'd not use them at the same time, obviously. Would the Rshack "gold series" be quality enough? Thanks.

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    Radio Shack makes the following:

    "Remote Control A-B Switch

    $39.99 Reg. Price Brand: RadioShack

    Cat.#: 15-1968 Model: 15-1968

    (Pricing and Availability may vary outside the contiguous 48 United States.)

    Where to Buy

    On-line Yes

    In Stores Yes

    1-800-THE-SHACK Yes

    Switches VHF/UHF-TV signals. No need to get up-–switch between two sources such as VCR and a video game with the included remote or your universal remote. Two 75W inputs, 1 output. Remote requires 2 "AA" batteries."

    You will have 'F' connectors in and out so all you need are either digital 75-ohm cable with RCAs at the audio equipment hook-up and 'F' connectors at the above piece or 'F' to RCA adapters that you can get at Radio Shack. Since it uses a remote, you can teach the function to a universal remote that you may now use on your system

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