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Columbia Tri Star, please release 'TOY SOLDIERS' (91) on dvd. (1 Viewer)

Inspector Hammer!

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Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
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John Williamson
I saw this very entertaining film again last month on HBO after not seeing it for quite some time, not since I had the vhs of it to be precise, but that was about 4 years ago or so. I tried to find out if it was available on dvd and found that it isn't yet. I would love to see a dvd release of this film with anamorphic video, if it's from you guys, anamorphic is a given
, and DD 5.1 audio, a behind the scene documentary, and maybe a commentary track or two if you can squeeze it in. Thanks.
I realize that this film portrays terrorism, but the plot of this film in no way reflects the event's of Sept 11th, so I see no harm in bringing it out at this time.
Anyone else who wants this film on dvd, show your support.
God bless the USA and the men and woman of our military and their families!
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Jan 16, 2000
oh yeah...
it's getting released.
another FULL SCREEM :angry: only release from Columbia.
Oh well.
I have too many other movies to spend my money on now anyway.
Too bad too...i JUST watched it on HBO2 and was saying how i'd like to purchase it.

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
Seriously?? That really reeks. A well-done DVD presentation would have been a sure purchase! Apparently they aren't interested in purchasers...

__________________________________________________ ___

While I understand this comment, keep in mind that they are interested in the purchasers...the mainstream folks that don't like widescreen.

There is simply no reason why, being the film is coming with no extra's to not include both versions on the same disc. The only reason they have...too lazy to do it.

I too would buy this disc, but not in the ratio that they have choosen.

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
Dave believe me when I say that I had no problem with the way that your post was written or with your views.

It constantly amazes me that with the numerous post and word that is given to these studios about the way that WE would like the films presented, they still only adhere and give into those that don't have respect for the film itself and it's creators. Apparently most of the studios really don't give a damn either.

The problem that I have with the whole picture of it all is the fact that when DVD first came out...though they have indeed come a long way...they were geared toward the people that made DVD what it is today...the home theater audiance. The problem with anything as soon as the average public embraces a product, those that helped the product grow are usually left in the dust of money and laziness.

I have never understood the concept of having a customer advisory board or the like, if you aren't going to listen to the customer to begin with. I have on several occassions purchased DVD's that I really wanted just based on the upgrade from VHS, that were Pan and Scan. Those titles are no longer in my collection. If they aren't going to put the film out in the proper meduim as to what the director and the theater audiance saw, then I have no use for them.

Those of us that are widescreen friendly and prefer our films in the OAR have pleaded for both versions to be released of a film. Many, Columbia here is a major offender, don't seem to care. Get what you can over what the Blockbuster crowd wants and that is all that matters...


Second Unit
Jun 23, 2001
well, columbia nostar will need us again come the next format, presummably some mutation of HD-DVD. shoe on other foot.

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