Columbia : Please stop releasing DVDs with faulty audio

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Andy_MT, Oct 19, 2003.

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    Jun 23, 2001
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    the following DVDs share a comon fault :

    anger management
    tears of the sun

    in quiet scenes, the center channel of the audio produces an annoying crackling effect during dialogue. ok, so it's probably there during the louder scenes, but for obvious reasons it's not audible.

    now, granted it is subtle, which explains why many haven't picked up on it, but i promise you, it is there. it has been brought up by a few on the internet, with one thread being in this sites software forum :

    and another one on the AVS forum.

    i urge you to please look into this matter (i make the assumption that representatives from Columbia read this forum) before an ever increasing number of your DVDs are released onto the market with this flaw. it spoils my (and others) enjoyment of these films.

    however small this flaw may be in the grand scheme of things, it still shouldn't be there. it's not there on other studios dvds, so it shouldn't be on yours. with over 1400 dvds (many from you), these new dvds are the only ones i have this problem with.

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    I have this problem as well and find it unacceptable. The Anger Management 5.1 track drove me up the wall because of the terrible noises being emmitted by the center channel during the majority of the film. I just checked my copy of Identity and it has the problem as well. I do not own Tears of the Sun so I cannot check that. I have over 500 DVD's now, and like Andy, many of mine are Columbia titles. If this problem is not fixed and future releases still exhibit this problem though, I will no longer be purchasing DVD's from Columbia/Tristar. It boggles my mind how no reviewer picked up on this problem. I can only assume that either not every Anager Management disc is affected or these reviewers just did not really listen to the film. I agree with Andy on all points except the subtlety of the problem. It irritated me throughout the film as I kept wondering when it would happen next and then it struck like nails on a chalkboard. [​IMG]

    Columbia, I hope that you can fix these problems.

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