Columbia House tv club or "How I opened a tv guide & got depressed."....

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    I was reading through my tv guide and came across Columbia House's tv classic video club. You know the one with all the different tv shows. I used to have about 8 different tv show memberships. But, after I got into dvd I cancelled them all. I was looking at some of the new selections they have available and I was very bummed. Some of the new selections are Airwolf, Equalizer, SWAT, Batman Animated. Just to name a few. Then I look at the dvd section. And with the exception of "I Love Lucy" they were all dvd's I can pick up at the store. You can't tell me that most people who would buy every tv episode on vhs, would not rather have them on dvd. I am not saying everyone, but most. I mean if someone is going to spend $20 plus shipping for 2 episodes on a tape they got to have a dvd player.
    I don't mean to rant. It just kills me to see all these shows available, but not on the format of the future. Hopefully, I Love Lucy is a test and if it sells well Columbia House will start releasing other shows. If anyone from a studio, Columbia House or a member in the know who might know something. Please let me know.
    End Rant.
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    I want some of the shows they control, such as the A-Team and Airwolf, but I'd rather see Universal do them and do them right (which means season boxes). I think if Columbia House put them out, they'd do them with only one or two episodes per DVD. That's not only expensive, but a real shelf space killer.

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