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Discussion in 'Music' started by Mike Broadman, Sep 12, 2003.

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    Hey all, I'm gonna share with you my recent massive order from Columbia House's outlet sales. At 3 bucks a CD, I couldn't resist going nuts. The catch is that they nail you with the shipping charges. But it still comes out to less than 6 bucks a disc.

    Academy Of Ancient Music Berlin
    Bach: Orchestral Suites 2&4

    Academy Of Ancient Music Berlin
    Bach: Brandenburg Concertos

    Academy Of Ancient Music Berlin
    Bach: Brandenburg Concertos

    Academy Of Ancient Music Berlin
    Bach: Orchestral Suites 1&3

    I'm hoping these are period instruments, but if not, that's cool, too. The only version of the Brandenburgs I have is on DVD-A, so this will be welcome, even though I know all this music by heart.


    I've recently become a huge OutKast fan, and this first album of theres will be welcome. I'm sure it's not as great as what they did afterwards, but the thing with rap, at least for me, is that you end up liking the MCs as personalities, so that alone will be cool.


    I have another CD with these three masters. Given the performers and composers, this is a nice find. It's amazing how one can find such great classical music so cheap. Reminds me of that thread in After Hours...

    Sir Colin Davis
    Mozart: Overtures

    A collection of overtures is pretty lame- classical "lite"- but will be nice on my MP3 player and car mixes. This is the sort of thing I wouldn't pay full price for, and I do want to eventually get full performances of The Magic Flute, Figaro, and Don Giovanni, preferrably on DVD.

    Robert Cray
    Shoulda Been Home

    Robert Cray
    Take Your Shoes Off

    Cray's ultra-excessible soul-blues is a pleasant listen. I don't have any of CDs yet. Worth the bargain, but I'd be reluctant to pay full price as of yet. Getting these will probably urge me to get Strong Pursuader, though.

    Herbie Hancock
    Future Shock

    I've always wanted to hear this controversial fusion album but never wanted to pay full price.

    Lyle Mays
    Solo Improvisations For Expanded Piano

    I think this is the guy that plays with Pat Metheny. He's really, really good.

    Medeski, Martin & Wood
    Friday Afternoon in the Universe

    I've always heard good things about 'em, never heard them play.

    The Staple Singers
    Best of the Staple Singers [Stax]

    Good ol' fashioned soul.

    Derek Trucks
    Out of the Madness

    The new Allman Brothers album gave me some serious respect for this kid. If nothing else, I'm sure there's some sweet guitar playing here.

    Travis Tritt
    Country Club

    Travis Tritt
    Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof

    I'm very slowly and casually dipping into country- actually, just really been listening to Cash and Wilco (if that even counts). Gonna give this guy a try.

    Arcadi Volodos
    Live At Carnegie Hall

    I have a SACD of him doing Rachmaninoff's 3rd concerto, my favorite piano piece. Gotta love those Russian pianists.

    Paco De Lucia E E. Montoya
    Flamenco Romantico

    Flamenco guitar. And some other dude.

    Hilary Hahn
    Barber & Meyer Violin Concertos

    Hahn is considered by many to be a lightweight, but I give her credit for choosing interesting material. Her SACD of Stravinsky and Brahms concertos is interesting, and she does have the technique to support her ambition. She needs to mature, though, but I am eager to hear this.

    Ornette Coleman
    Skies Of America

    I haven't figured out if I really like Ornette Coleman yet. This orchestral album always had me curious, so now I get a chance to hear it.

    And now is the part where you guys get to tell me which of these were bad choices...:b
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    Ugh--I just recently canceled my BMG (and CoHo DVD) membership (the former after 22 years) because those crappy shipping costs for slowboat Media Mail from the other side of the country just are not competitive with Amazon Marketplace.

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