Columbia House and Honeymooners

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    I've passed on several offers to join the TV Club portion of Columbia House. I Have to admit they have a few Intriguing shows on DVD like Land of the Giants. But the cost to collect these have always been, I Felt, too expensive. Anyhow I get another mailer today. INotice they are now offering "The Honeymooner" on DVD. There is no indication whether these are the "Classic 39" that everyone's been waiting on. I Figure what the Heck I'll try the 1st disk. They supposedly have 5-6 shows per DVD. If these are the classic 39, what will that be 6 disks? I'm just so tired waiting on FOX to release these. I've bought a few of the Lost ep collections, they are OK but do not come close the quality of the 39 classics.Does anyone know if what CH Has are the original classics? Does anyone own the Disks ?
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    I hope the classic 39 come out on dvd too.
    I'd buy them all.

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