Coax cable hookup options

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    when I was picking up some cables recently I asked the sales person the best way to connect the incoming cable (basic Comsast service) to the TV, VCR, etc. Currently I run it into the VCR, then out to the TV. He recommended the coax direct to the TV, then component from the TV to the VCR. My TV, a Sony Wega flat screen, does not have any "video out" connections. I have a Sony 885 reciever, but I don't see how that could be used either. Am I missing something?

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    Hi Barry.
    I think you may have mis-understood your salesman.
    One way to hook things up is:
    Coax to the VCR.
    Composite & L/R audio RCA cables from the VCR to the TV (not from the TV to the VCR).
    The way you have it wired is actually better. If you took the salesmans advice, you would have to turn on the VCR to watch any television & use the VCR as the tuner.
    Using the Receiver:
    You only want to run video through the receiver if you have 2 or more devices.
    Consider this system:
    - CATV Box
    - VCR
    - Video Game System
    And your TV only has 1 set of Audio & Video RCA plugs.
    For this system, running the video through the receiver lets the receiver handle switching the video and audio. The TV only has to look at the signal from the Receiver.
    Hope this helps.

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