Cna you help me find a permanent, controllable email account on the Web? Please...

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    Jun 18, 2001
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    I have three or four domains. I have had a number of ISPs and am with an ADSL one at the moment.
    The problem is that I don't want to be tied down to an ISP.
    I also don't want a Hotmail account because the second you open it you get tonnes of junk mail, and frankly I find the style of these internet accounts over-graphical and clunky, at best.
    I want recommendations for a company who I can pay (free would be nice but I really doubt it) a reasonable amount of money (i.e. not a lot) to have SMTP and POP3 on the web from anywhere - a nice simple browser or even FTP based place.
    None of the hosting companies I've used offer SMTP.
    Why? Because I don't want to risk not being able to get my emails if I part company with my ISP and I'd like more control than I have with hotmail, et al.
    For example, I'd like to be able to send setting the reply path back to a different email so that if someone emails me at their reply doesn't say whoever@hotmail.
    Cheers for listening.
  2. Les_D

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    Mar 20, 2000
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    Try NetIdentity
    They have control of MANY domains using American and Europian last names. And many other domains that make interesting email addresses.
    For about $5 a year each I have "" for me and my wife. You can also get domain names the asme way. ""
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    Joe Kauffman
    Since you said you own some domains, I know of at least 2 website hosting companies that offer POP before SMTP service (meaning you have to authenticate your connection by checking your email before you can send out):

    Neither of these guys is expensive, in terms of hosting, and they are reliable.

    I'm sure there are a bunch of others out there that provide the service. I remember seeing a bunch of them when looking for website hosting.
  4. Greg_Y

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    Mar 7, 1999
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    I recently switched to to host my domain. Pretty cheap, but good service. I do POP and SMTP at home. If I'm not at home, I use a free Perl script that installed to check my mail over the web. It simply POPs the headers off, but leaves the message. Then when I get home, I can POP the mail off.
  5. DaveF

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    Mar 4, 2001
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    David Fischer
    Theo - I've got a domain name registered and hosted by Server Central, and they provide in their basic plan (among other things):
    • Server Space - 30MB
    • Users (POP/IMAP/FTP/WEB) - 10
    • 24/7 FTP Access - YES
    • Unlimited E-Mail Aliases - YES
    • Wildcard E-Mail Alias - YES
    • ASP, PHP4, MySQL, CGI - YES
    • Real-Time Site Control Panel - YES
    • Frontpage 2000 Extensions - YES
    • Personal User Websites - YES
    • Unlimited Technical Support - YES
    • SMTP (Email) Gateway - YES
    • Bandwidth Monitor, Traffic Stats - YES
    • Domain Names (No Fees) - 1 Free
    • Setup Fee - None
    Of particulary note: the POP and SMTP services. They provide both email aliases (for forwarding to your service of choice) or web-access email service (using your hosted space). If I understand, this is what you want.
    Or, if motivated, you could use a hosted domain, and setup your own email service using one of the freely available email web apps, and customize it to your taste. (Note: I'm not sure if ServerCentral has the necessary PHP extensions for doing this in PHP.)

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