Closed Caption Issues with HD Cable Box

Discussion in 'Displays' started by John DeSantis, Dec 17, 2005.

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    I'm having problems with CC ever since I switch to HD Cable.

    I have the dct 6400 Phase lll along with a DCT 6412 (moto)

    Along with the degraded analog channels, which I understand to be an inherent problem, I am having problems with Closed Caption being display correctly..if at all. After hours of troubleshooting the Cable Company is blaming the Box.

    I can get it to work sometimes on what seems to be analog channels but the Higher Channels (400 +) display CC that is just plain weird. The last letters of one word are put onto the front of the next..etc. Example: "Se ethe ca trun"

    At times I can enable the CC within the Cable box and it displays correctly but does not stay on screen long enough to be read ( unless your Evelyn Wood )

    The set is a New Sony Wega LCD HDTV. I can get CC to display correctly using the few OTA channels I can get so I don't think the problem is the set.

    I've tried every connection. DVI, HDMI, Component. The only way it works correctly is if I bypass the Box and run basic cable. The Cable Guy said it may be a software issue but haven't heard from them for awhile. I can't believe this problem isn't pretty widespread with these Motorola Boxes. Getting ready to dump the PVR cause I think this is what's causing the problem...along with poor Analog PQ that Motorola admits to. It's a nice feature but I have hearing problems and need to use CC sometimes with Movies.
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    I am having the same problem except by enabling the CC in my DCT3412 I get perfect CC. However it is a pain to enable and disable as you have to turn off the power, change it in the menu and then power up again. It appears to me that what is happening is the cable box is somehow causing a distortion in the CC signal. What is needed is a software code to enable the cablebox remote with a key to turn CC on or off with a single key as there is on my TV remote.

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