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    I'm in the last stages of finishing my dedicated home theater, and I'm getting ready to move all my equipment in.

    I need to get a power supply/surge protector/power filter... etc.

    The products I've seen range from a $60 stage 1 power strip to a $1,600 stage 5 Power Source.

    I know that having clean power does make a difference... I just don't really know how much.

    Can anyone give me some thoughts/insights.

    A few of the products I'm lookin at are:

    Monster Power:
    HTS3600 (stage 3) - $500
    HTS2600 (stage 2) - $350
    PowerBar (stage 2) - $250
    HTS2000 (stage 2) - $200

    Any experience with these products?
  2. Bill Kane

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    Monster seems to want to cover every niche and "Stage 1 to 3" is just their marketing -- nothing much different than all the rest of the less expensive units (under $400-$500).
    You can do well under $100. Read this HTF tutorial on Surge Suppressor/Power Centers HERE and also click on the link to "Under $100 Units" in the text.
    It probably will mean an online mail order, but you will find a lot more than just Monster so readily available at Best Buy etc.
    Tke a look at the rest of the tutorials. They also are accessed from the HTF Basics board clicking on top at Beginners Primer and FAQ
    edit: I do not mean to imply that you are a newbie and are looking for the cheapest stuff. Obviously, you can spend as much as you want. Panamax makes some very nice units in the 5XXX series.

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