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Pete Battista

Senior HTF Member
Sep 20, 1999
Shepherdsville, KY. USA
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This month I bought a 2 disc set of classic Commercials from the 50's to the 70's. When I posted about buying this set a couple of people was curious about this set. So I figured I would do a little review of it. Please keep in mind that I am far from a professional reviewer... I am just one guy with an opinion! :p)

Disc ONE:

Disc one has mostly the 50's and some 60's. First here is a list of the commercials...

Chapter 1: Cigarettes and Cigars
  • Old Gold - Woman in cig costume tap dancing
  • Muriel Cigars - Cigars turns to toons and dances
  • Kool - Cartoon Penguin
  • Marlboro - What Kind of Man Smokes Marlboro; Introduces the Flip Top Pack
  • Robert Burnes Cigars - Man walks on beach with Grandchild
  • Winstons - Toon and Song
  • Chesterfeild King - Man of America (Cowboys)
  • Philip Morris - Lead in to I Love Lucy
  • Kent - Toon and Song
  • Murial Small Cigars - Song and collage of people who smoke

Chapter 2: Cleaning Products
  • SOS Pads - Live Commercial during Game Show (Possibly Lucille Ball in Viking costume?)
  • Raid - B&W Cartoon
  • Kleenex Napkins - Clings like Cloth
  • Mr. Clean - Toon and Song
  • Tide - a Laundry line on a beach (!?!?!?)
  • Windex - Tarzan Bringing Windex to Jane... Jane asks what's windows?
  • Hi-Lex Bleach - Song and Dance; Chicken Costumes
  • Handy Wipes - 1001 Uses
Chapter 3: Cosmetics & Medication
  • Alka Seltzer - Song and mini parade lead by Speedy
  • Band Aid - Dry Egg Test
  • Band Aid Colors for Kids - Kids on Play Ground
  • Gillette Blades - Be Sharp Song
  • Remington Electric Shaver - Peach Test
  • Gillette Razors - Peewee Reese (Dodgers)
  • Mum Cream Deodorant - Mystery/Spy spoof
  • Pepsodent Toothpaste - Toon kids; Song
  • Mrs Clairol - Baby & Mother in Park
  • Crest - Little Girl, Mom no cavities!
  • Coppertone Quick Tan - Teens Song and Dance
  • Dry Ban - Gone with the Wind Spoof
Chapter 4: Food & Drink
  • Dove - Cartoon dove (1 Commercial in wrong section?)
  • Ban Roll on - Man dressed like grandma (2 commercials in wrong section!?!)
  • High Karate Aftershave - Woman attacks man (3 Commercials in wrong section!!!)
  • Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup - Live Commercial; very funny... chicken... you won't find it... but its in there.
  • Ritz - Still pics & Song
  • Worchester (sp) Sauce - Toon
  • Skippy Peanut Butter - History of Peanut Butter Toon
  • E-Z Popcorn - Toon & Song
  • Jello Instant Pudding - Busy Day Toon
  • Kroger Eggs - Toon; Chicken laying Egg
  • Pet Evaporated Milk - Mother & Baby
  • Snowdrift Shortening - comedic drama Toon
  • Nestle Quick - Boxing puppet
  • Mypo Oatmeal - Toon Kid not wanting to try it
  • Anderson Pea Soup - Toon
  • Jello - Chinese Toon
  • Maxwell Instant Coffee - Live Commercial with Rex Marshall
  • Making Tea - Still not sure on this one... weird
  • Wilkens instant Coffee - with puppets
  • Hamms Beer - Toon Animals; SkyBlue Waters
  • Black Label Beer - Toon & Song
  • Peils Beer - Hockey Toon
  • Schwepps Tonic - Couple at party
  • Rheingold Dry Beer - Beer Parade; Song
  • budweiser - Couple on Beach
  • Brewers Gold Beer - Toon Bartender
  • Gallo Wine - At Party
  • Dixie Cups - Melting Butter Demonstration (??)
  • Kool Pops - Kool Pop Talking
  • Raisin Bran - People Dressed as Raisins in Bowl of flakes
  • Schlitz Beer - Bull after guy; guy on top of phone booth calling salesperson
  • Hamms Beer - Guys at Bar
  • Frankenberry & Count Chocula Cereal - Toon
  • Cool Whip - 3 people at table 1 guy uses ALL the Cool Whip
  • Mountain Dew - Rather be barefoot song
  • Grain Belt Beer - Pizza Parlor

Chapter 5: Clothes & Accessories
  • Keds Shoes - Toon Clown
  • Chemstone Stockings - Women pic collage & Song
  • Ponderosa Outdoor Shoes

Chapter 6: Appliances and Electronics
  • Westinghouse Refrigerators - Live Commercial ; Woman has trouble opening fridge
  • Westinghouse Washers - Sand Test
  • Kodak Instant Movie Camera - Child & Kittens
Chapter 7: Automobiles
  • Delco Dry Batteries - Plane flying
  • Power Fuel - Toon & Song
  • Esso Gasoline - Toon
  • Chevron Supreme Gas - Toon
  • Dodge - Assembly Line Footage
  • Chevy Trucks - Champs of Alcan Run
  • Renault Dolphin - Watch Car with Balloons
  • '59 Chevy - Song and Dance
  • Chevy Impala - Going to the Prom
  • Chevy - Car Shopping Family
  • '57 Chevy - Speech
  • Chevy - Bob Hope & Dinah Shore
  • '58 Edsel - Car Tour and Speech

Chapter 8: Toys
  • Barbie Color & Curl - Little Girls Playing
  • Creepy Crawler Thing Maker - Kids making them
  • Zoom It Disc Shooter - playing in Park
  • Shark Pack Boats - Playing at Lake
  • Malibu Barbie - Playing at Beach
  • Johnny Lightning Double Trouble - Free with 3 boxtops of Cheerios

Chapter 9: Public Service Announcements
  • Yellow Pages - Toon
  • Air Force - Dick Williams Speech
  • VD - Misc. People; Song
  • Forest Fires - Smokey the bear
  • American Cancer Society - Daredevils

OK... That is it for Disc One... now onto disc 2's commercials... mostly 60's and 70's...

Chapter 1: Food & Drink
  • Quisp Cereal - Sci-Fi Toon
  • Shasta Cherry Cola - Cherry Truck & Cola Truck crash to make cherry cola
  • Wheaties - interviewer talks to all sorts of people
  • Coke - Song (Come on in - It's the real thing)
  • Grain Belt Beer - Hot dog & Beer (Make your own Frankenstien)
  • Shasta Cola - Toon (Not to many Bubbles)
  • Milk - 4 people song and dance
  • Hershey's Instant Choc. Mix - Cows running (song)
  • Frosted Flakes - Tony Tiger (Year of the Tiger)
  • Sanka Instant Coffee - Home Ground Taste Returns
  • Butternut Roast & Blend Coffee - upside down man
  • Folgers - Mrs. Olson demos
  • budweiser - Bowler
  • Jif Peanut Butter - Fine Grind Peanut Butter
  • Coke - Song (Its the Real Thing)
  • Pringles - Father bought wrong chips
  • Applebits Cereal - frankenstein House
  • A1 Sauce - Mad Scientist
  • Zonkers - Toon (Hunchback)
  • Count Chocula & Frankenberry Cereal - On Beach
  • Dole Bananas - Woman Dances
  • Crisco - Cold Fried Chicken
  • Crisco Oil - Blends Better

Chapter 2: Drug Store
  • Comet - Josephine The Plumber (demos)
  • Gain - Table cloth stained by kids
  • Puffs - Woman late for work.... needs to wipe cream off face
  • Puffs Prints - Mother and Daughter
  • Oxydol Plus (Stain remover) - Guy watching tv... gets excited and spills on himself
  • Lava Soap - Kids washing hands
  • Listerine - school band... boy likes girl... boy uses listerine
  • Top Job - Guy Demos
  • listerine - car hop waitress uses listerine... gets tips
  • Top Job - demo on kitchen floor
  • Biz - couple uses biz to get stain completely out
  • Puffs - Kids and mother
  • Lava Soap - mother checks kids hands to be sure they used lava soap
  • Dreft - 2 women with baby talk about Dreft
  • Duz Detergent - cheap glasses looks like expensive glasses after use
  • Dash Detergent - washing machin demo
  • Hidden Magic - Hair Spray with conditioner
  • Hidden Magic - Free Brush
  • Crest - little Girl (Only 1 cavity!)
  • Cheer - kids and mother... sci-fi theme... either a time traveler or alien comes to give her Cheer.
  • Crest - Teacher & Class... kids... only 1 cavity
  • Crest - How does your toothpaste measure up?
  • Camay - Woman demo
  • Camay - Rosie at Diner
  • Cheer - Father & Son build doghouse
  • Crest - Football coach... kid... only 1 cavity
  • Crest - Helicopter Pilot... kid... only 1 cavity
  • Crest - Bus Driver... kid... only 1 cavity
  • Crest - Actor... kid... only 1 cavity
  • Charmin - Mr Wipple... new blinking sign
  • Charmin - Mr Wipple... movie star
  • Safegaurd - family with instruments in towels
  • Quaker Instant Oats - guy in diner asks for only hot water
  • Ivory Snow - Father and baby
  • Cheer - woman tries new cheer
  • Camay - Fashion model I believe
  • Camay - Woman in Tub
  • Charmin - Mr Wipple... Opra Singer
  • Ivory Liquid - 2 women talking about lying about their ages
  • Camay - woman tries
  • Ivory - Couple in yard
  • Charmin - Mr Wipple hires man to stop ppl from squeezing charmin
  • Ivory - couple outdoors
  • Comet - Josephine The Plumber
  • Comet - Street Interview
  • Scope - Library
  • Colgate - The Tooth Toughener
  • Alka Seltzer - Swedish Family
  • Skin Bracer - Boxer (Slap, Slap - Thanks I needed that!)
  • Noxzema Lime - woman strips lime
  • Right Gaurd - Street Interview
  • 7-Up - 3 largest selling soft drinks
  • Stretch N Seal Plastic Wrap - Demo
  • Ultra Brite - 2 girls talking
  • Jade East - speech with image effects
  • Schick Blades - guy in mens room to shave
  • Contact hayfever med. - 3 men walking in country
  • Don't Smoke Public Service Announcement - Johnny Smoke
  • Dial - Guys in crowded car
  • Kleenex - Sneeze wrecks room
  • Alka Seltzer Plus - Dr. jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub - frankenstein Toon
  • SafeGaurd - Family Album
  • Comet - Josephine The Plumber
  • Scope - Toon... couple on Valentines Day
  • Bounty - Rosie at diner... the quick picker upper
  • Comet - Josephine the plumber with little boy

Chapter 3: Celebrities
  • Standard Gas Stations - Laurel & Hardy
  • Fritos - Frito Bondedo (Toon Character) get free eraser
  • American Express - Mel Blancs at resteraunt
  • The Guide - King Kong
  • Ducks Unlimited Fund Raising - Not sure who... guy in boat
  • Plymouth - Road Runner & Willie E. Coyote
  • Jello - The 5th dimension
  • Amer. Association of Retired People - Jim Gorden (Phibber McGee and Molly)
  • Grape Nuts - Euell Gibbons (Author)
  • Scotties Tissues - Jimmy Durante
  • Kool Aid - Bugs Bunny & The Monkeys
  • Old Milwalkee Beer - Captain Bliegh
  • Post Toastios - Andy Griffith
  • American Cancer Society - John Wayne
  • American Cancer Society - John Wayne #2
  • American Cancer Society - John Wayne #3
  • Hamms Beer - Laurel & Hardey at bar... silent
  • March of Dimes - Mark Hamil... Birth Defects
  • Clairol - Brought to you by Bewitched
  • Clairol - Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Cool Whip - Not sure who it is... looked like rerun from What's Happening... failed at making a cake
  • Gravy Train - Rin Tin Tin
  • Cat Chow - cats on the beach... a voice over sounded familiar... couldn't place
  • One A Day Vitemins - The Flintstones for Flintstone Vitemins
  • Kodak - Ozzy (Ozzy & Harriet)
  • Old Milwalkee Beer - rolling a log in water... not sure who he was.... ppl kept calling someone Jeb
  • Stop pollution - Crying Indian service announcement
  • Philip Morris - Lucy & Desi
  • Dash - didn't recognize anyone... clothes not clean in big washer
  • Kodak - Dick Van Dyke
  • Cover Girl - Sybil Sheppard
  • Texico - Jack Benny
  • Phillips 66 - Tom Seaver
  • Phillips 66 - Gale Sayer
  • Tiparillo Cigars - didn't recognize anyone... machine detects odor
  • American motors - didn't recognize anyone... was just a voice over
  • Instant simonize - 3 Stooges as scientists
  • Genos Pizza - Witch Doctor... one of those guys... you know the face... but not the name
  • Simon Pure Beer - Buster Keaton
  • Plymouth - Groucho Marx
  • Prom Home Perm - Chico Marx
  • Tang - Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck at carnival
  • Phillip Morris - Lucy & Desi... Toon & Live action
  • Grape Nut - Andy & Barney... funny commercial!
  • Post Cereals - Andy Griffith Show Brought to you by...
  • Winston - Flintstones (Fred and Barney)
  • Winston - Flintstones (Wilma & Fred)
  • Volks Wagon - King Kong
  • ??? Still not sure what this was for - Green Hornet

Chapter 4: Sci-Fi & Horror
  • Chex Cereal - Space Patrol
  • Instant Ralstons - Space Patrol
  • Volks Wagon - escape from Frankenstien's Castle
  • Wrestle Around Game - lots of characters including 1 monster
  • Toyota - frankenstein
  • KFWB 98 FM - Haunted House Ride
  • Shasta Soda - frankenstein Monster (Named Igor)
  • Bic Pens - frankenstein breaks out of ice using pen then writes letter
  • Der Wienerschnitzel (Hot Dog Resteraunt) - Dracula
  • Toyota - frankenstein #2
  • Flair Pens - All Sides of you... one side being frankenstein

OK Now... During disc one my main complaint was the quality of the picture and sound.. but figured well... these commercials is very old... let me wait and judge that on disc 2. The Disc 1 commercials were all from the 50's and 60's so were before my time... so I didn't recognize any of these... once agin thinking disc 2 would be better in that area as well. Basically not impressed at all with disc 1.

After watching disc 2... there were several commercials I remembered seeing in my childhood... and was fun seeing some of these again. Unfortunately the quality was still terrible Granted this was a very cheap set but if you are going to put something like this on dvd... you have to clean it up a little atleast! some of the commercials you actually had to strain to see what was going on. Don't get me wrong a handful of them looked good... but the majority of the disc sucked quality wise.

The sound had a constant hissing... the image was just horrid. In between commercials was very choppy and This I cannot believe... but on some of them in between commercials there was a still image of another commercial that I thought would start but didn't... it just went to the next commercial.

These discs were released by Madacy and it looks like there was nothing done at all to give you a quality product. This would have made a very good set if only they used a little quality control.

However I don't feel to cheated because of two things... first the price... Its not like I paid that much for the set... only $7.80... that is $3.90 per disc... and I do suppose you get what you pay for. That and because of me being a big Sci-fi/Horror fan I really enjoyed the last chapter of the second disc... and of course the celebrity section was fun as well.

My Recommendation:
I would say Don't get it! I really can't suggest anyone buying this set and still feel good about myself... but if you see allot of commercials in this set and you feel you do need to get it... Do yourself a favor and get it the cheapest place you can find it... for me it was deep discount dvd. But please... if you do decide to buy this set.. don't expect much of nothing quality wise.

Amy Mormino

Supporting Actor
Jan 16, 2004
Well, if it is from Madacy then the quality is almost sure to be bad. I might consider buying this, though, if it had more commercials from "my" time period (the 80s and 90s). Still, two discs of commercials by themselves sounds like a bit much. I do wish that they would stick some time period appropriate commercials into regular TV sets. That could be a fun added feature and likely wouldn't cost much.


Senior HTF Member
Mar 29, 2004
I don't know why, but it seems like I'm the only person on this board who thinks that it's kind of stupid to pay to watch commercials.

Let's face it, how often would you watch this? Once at most, for nostalgia. The only reason I would buy these is if I was researching a specific era and I needed to find out products from the time and how they were marketed. There wouldn't be much entertainment value for me.

To the people who want commercials of the era on TV on DVD sets, why? That's probably the main reason I buy TV shows on DVD, so I don't have to sit through or FF through commercials. The exception is if the commercials feature characters from the show (i.e. the Simpsons and Flintstones)--those should be featured. But why would they include a commercial for, say, McDonalds on a Simpsons set? Just because they're from the same era?

Pete Battista

Senior HTF Member
Sep 20, 1999
Shepherdsville, KY. USA
Real Name
To tell you the Truth Anthony... I really don't know why I bought these... Just for the nostalgia I guess. I figured when I placed the order that this was something I would probably only watch the once. But with the cheap price I was just like... why not? Its something diffrent. Looking back I wish I didn't bother... but at the same time... it was still fun to try to watch it.

I do however know that I will get my money's worth as my mother mentioned she would like to see it and see all the old celebrities and such trying to peddle the products again. plus one or two of my other friends mentioned wanting to check the set out just for laughs.

Eric Paddon

Mar 17, 2001
"To the people who want commercials of the era on TV on DVD sets, why?"

There are some shows for which it does make a difference. "The Jack Benny Show" for instance revolved a good deal around the integrated commercials done in the show, and their absence is one reason why Jack's TV show is not as popular in syndicated repeats the way his radio shows are so eagerly devoured by collectors.

For classic shows of the 50s, where sponsorship was an integral part of the show and required the cast to do integrated spots within the show, I think the programs should be released with the ads the same way radio collectors want complete shows with the ads too. That means Jack Benny, Burns And Allen (which was released on VHS with the integrated Carnation and B.F. Goodrich ads intact by Columbia House) and other shows of the 50s should have ads but shows of a later era do not need them.


Supporting Actor
Apr 15, 2004
Thanks for the review and info on this. It isn't something I would buy only because I hate commercials to begin with. It would be interesting to see once, but only if there were commercials from my childhood. Commercials now are just an irritant, either that or they are just more fun to watch as a kid.

Thanks again.

Bert Greene

Supporting Actor
Apr 1, 2004
I've seen that Madacy 'commercials' volume around, and toyed with the idea of getting it. But knowing of that company's notorious quality, I've held back. Plus, I was afraid it would be a mish-mash, mixing 50s items with 80s items, back and forth. I'd be more intrigued by collections conveniently divided by decades.

Old commercials can be occasionally amusing. Can't stand modern ones, though. Their abrasiveness and their increased frequency are two big reasons I rarely even watch off-air television much anymore. Commercials didn't really bother me years ago. Indeed, as I've gone back and looked at my old videos (from the early-to-mid-80s), I've noted the commercials were a lot quieter and easier to take. Not nearly as harsh and disruptive (to the viewing experience) as they have since become. Plus, regarding frequency, I thought I read not too long ago that in the last 20 years, commercials have increased from roughly 8 minutes per hour to 16 and sometimes 18 per hour. I still find it amazing audiences haven't rebelled. Or, maybe they have ... by opting for these dvd season-sets.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 31, 2003
Real Name
Thanks for all of the info Pete. If the quality was decent on this, I would be all over it. There is something appealing about classic commericals even if some of it is just nostalgia.

I agree with some of the other posters about many modern commericals. Ugh.


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