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Kenneth Cummings

Supporting Actor
Aug 7, 2001
Sorry if this been a thread recently or not, but I made a promise at school to make a thread talking about how you revole your life around using the internet and the interaction between each other. Just do me a favor and keep the topic clean, so it doesn't have a number of cuss words. Thank you for your time and I hope this help you out in your life or prove some good read.

Ryan Wright

Jul 30, 2000
I don't revole anything around anything. As a matter of fact, I don't even think I know what that word means.
OH... You meant "Revolve!" Well, in that case: My entire life revolves around the Internet. The first thing I do when I get up is boot up my Palm Pilot and use ICQ to kiss my wife goodbye and tell her how much I love her. She thinks this is odd behavior considering we sleep in the same bed, but I see nothing odd about it. This is the digital age, right? And what wife wouldn't want a digital kiss from her husband every morning?
Yahoo! emails me every morning with the weather forecast for the day and I pick out my clothes based on that. I saw an article in the latest Popular Mechanics where someone has developed a toaster that will connect to the Internet and toast a picture of what the weather will be like right into your bread. I'm hoping to acquire one of my own soon, even though it would require me to eat my toast in the nude. (No sense in getting dressed if you don't know whether to wear a long sleeved shirt or not, eh?)
I get paid to play with web sites all day, including talking with these wonderful people. I've never met a single one of them but consider them all extended family members. I'm hoping for lots of spendy Christmas presents from my new "e-family" this year.

The rest of my day is quite similar. Order pizza for lunch online. Buy just about anything I need online. Access the surveillance cameras on my web server around 4:00 to make sure my wife is in the kitchen cooking me dinner
(only kidding, people. Settle down.).
In all reality: Yeah, I use the Internet in my day to day life, but I wouldn't say my life REVOLVES around it. I enjoy the communication with others - it's been real easy to expand and improve on my hobbies when I can talk with thousands of like-minded people on a daily basis. However, I got along just fine without the net and could do so today if I absolutely had to. Except that I'd be out of a job if the net went away... Hmmmmm.. maybe my life DOES revolve around the Internet.

-Ryan (http://www.ryanwright.com )
Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.
That way, when you do criticize them, you'll be a mile away and you'll have their shoes.

Jay H

Senior HTF Member
Mar 22, 1999
Pittsfield, MA
Real Name
No sense in
getting dressed if you don't know whether to wear a long sleeved shirt or not, eh?
Are you saying that if it's nice outside, you don't wear underwear? Or if it's snowing, you wear purple boxers? Have decency man, wear some underwear for heaven's sake.

Speaking of the internet, it's basically a means to an end, if I have a question about how the hazards on the Comedy Central run, then I can log onto the internet. If I'm curious if anybodys had sidewall problems on a Continental Ultra 2000 (kevlar bead) tire, then the internet is a great source. But I don't wake up to a palm pilot (don't own one), I don't order pizza through the internet. Weather and traffic updates (when I'm driving) are useful, but again, that's a means to an end, not that I depend on it. Although it does keep me sane during work but that's another story..


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 23, 2000
While my live doesn't really revolve around the Internet, it does come in quite handy - as long as I'm around somewhere that I can get to it. I've lately had to adjust to a much more 'net-free life than I've lived for quite a few years, as I recently moved and am now on my 3rd month without a computer (and, therefore, 'net connection) in my apartment. Bleah.
In any case, when I'm at a place where I have access, I pretty much use the 'net for three things:
1> Research/News/Events: anything I want to know about, can be found somewhere on the 'net. Sometimes there's a higher ratio of signal to noise than I'd like, but it's generally out there somewhere.
2> Entertainment/Hobbies: I've got a few set sites that I try to hit on a more-or-less daily basis that cover some of my interests and hobbies (DVD at http://www.thedigitalbits.com/ Before I lost my daily home access I was also a regular in the Alaska rooms over at Link Removed , but after a few months of being out of it, I probably wouldn't know most of the names in there anymore.
So anyway, that covers my involvment with the 'net. Less than I used to have (and less than I'd like - I'm still getting used to not having it at my fingertips all the time when I'm at home), but it is proving quite possible for me to go hours, even days at a time without dealing with it.
Hope this helps....
Woody Hanscom
Link Removed

Eric Scott

Second Unit
Oct 4, 2000
Well, even you do not work on the internet, but your first act in the morning, and when you return from work in going online to read what Steve Christou said five hours earlier from London. I would not say your life revolves around the internet, but you need to get a life...!

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