Chuck Norris tv movie "President's Man"...

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    I felt like I was watching a 2 hour Walker: Texas Ranger episode. It even starred Judson Mills who costarred on Walker. It was cheesy, but those shows are not meant to be Emmy award material.

    I wonder if it was filmed before Sept.11? The story was about a terrorist very similar to Osama who is being protected in Afganistan by the Taliban and is threating to nuke Chicago. The only reference to the Twin Towers were the terrorists the guys wants released from jail. They were supposed to be the ones behind the 1993 Twin Towers bombing.
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    Chuck and his wife were on Howard Stern last Thursday or Friday and he said the movie was indeed filmed before Sept. 11th. One of the working titles for the movie was "Ground Zero" which was scrapped for obvious reasons.

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