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Mar 12, 2021
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I have an older generation chromecast and was originally looking to get the new Google TV streamer. However it looks like there is no way to turn off HDR from the research I have done. This is problematic for me as I have a tv that has crappy HDR and I can't turn it off from the tv. I have a TCL 4 series 55'' 4KHDR Roku OS Smar TV 55S425-CA
(And I'm not getting a new tv) .As a result I'm having to rely on the ability of smart devices attached to the tv to turn off this feature . Thankfully I'm able to do that with my Apple tv 4k .

My question is:

1. Does the Chromecast Ultra (not the new Google TV)have HDR and if so, can I turn it off on this device? Its discontinued but can still be found in the secondary market. I think I may have heard some people reporting problems with HDR not functioning on Chromecast Ultra which ironically is a "problem" i would love to have as I don't want it enabled at all.

And 2, does the fact of it being discontinued be any concern for me for support or compatibility? If it doesn't force HDR ,I plan to use it to simply cast tv shows . movies and online content. Not to play video games.

Any help/feedback will be appreciated.

Btw, it did came up on my research that Google customer service recomended switching on a feature on the Google TV called "matching content, " but many have responded saying that option didn't work as their tvs still forced an HDR signal to the streamer.
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