Christopher Lee's Jinnah 2 disc se is out

Discussion in 'DVD' started by oscar_merkx, Aug 17, 2004.

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    This must have slipped under the radar

    disc 1

    Jinnah: Running time of 110 minutes.

    Audio Options:

    1. Dolby Digital 5.1 English(Original)

    2. Dolby Digital 5.1 Urdu (Dubbed)

    3. Commentary Track.

    Christopher Lee (Mohammad Ali Jinnah), Saeedullah Khan Paracha (DVD Executive Producer, MD Quaid Project of America LLC). Dr. Nasim Ashraf (Minister of State, Chairman of the Commission for Humain Development, Executive Co-Producer), Mohammad Khokhar (DVD Production Executive).

    4. Dolby Digital 2.0. English

    Talent Bios: In narrative form.

    Disc 2 Extras

    Dare to Dream: 44 Minutes Documentary on the making of Jinnah. Behind the scenes footage, interviews with members of the cast and crew, the controversy and the hardship expirienced by a Bristish crew in an initially hostile enviroment.

    We Want Titanic!: 25 minutes Documentary with musical composers Nigel Clarke and Michael Csanyi-Wills.

    Azadi: Motion Soundtrack Video from the movie. Performed by the famous Asian rock group, Junoon.

    Quaid Project of America!: This 10 mimutes documentary, with key leaders of this DVD project, takes off where Dare to Dream left.

    New Generations: The main purpose of putting the story on to film.
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    This sounds like a fascinating set, but I'd rather rent it than own it. I've heard such wildly different opinions on it that I'd find it difficult to own without an attendant set of history books to augment - for and against - the tale on screen. I'd last heard about this film in 1999. I'd completely forgotten its existence until you mentioned this DVD release. Quite controversial at the time of its filming, but all that seems to have died down in the interim. Should be interesting to see, but probably best served as part of a larger course of study. I recall Christopher Lee saying he considered this role to be his finest, for what it's worth.

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