Christmas ideas for our patient spouses

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    Nov 2, 2002
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    Tis the season,
    to wrack our brains
    to give wife a reason
    for tolerating the pains

    Of our expensive pursuit
    a total 'guy-thing'
    so what will Mr Red Suit
    (you know, Santa Claus) bring?

    I thought first of a show
    something she'd love!
    With explosions that go
    Boom! and violence and stuff!

    Hmm, maybe not
    (though for ME it'd be cool!)
    what else have I got
    to throw into the gift pool

    I thought new speakers, new stuff -I can't get enough!
    she's gotta love it cause right now it sounds so rough!

    Or a big fluffy chair,
    a recliner will do
    to show her I care
    a big 'I love you'

    Aw crap, that stinks
    what am I a slouch?
    If I get her that I think
    I'll have to sleep on the couch!

    So maybe I'll ask
    what other folks plan
    on giving their spouse
    from a 'home theater' man.

    So put up a post
    share what's in your head
    so I can stay most
    happily wed!


    (ps. sorry to the other gender HT aficionados. but I gotta think it must be easy for THEM to buy for their spouses!)
  2. Dave Poehlman

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    Clever poem.
    I'm terrible at gifts... Try to check out for ideas based on profession/personality.
    My wife is a schoolteacher and last year I made her a "snow-day kit" which included a blanket, pajamas, cocoa, and a Cast Away DVD (what better movie to watch when you're snowed in). She loved it.
    Now I've got to come up with something clever this year.

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