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Discussion in 'Music' started by Eric_Connelly, Aug 2, 2007.

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    We saw Chris Botti Live along with Diana Krall a few weeks ago at the Fox in Detroit.

    I had canceled Netflix about a month ago when we joined BB Online. I picked Chris Botti's live concert without even knowing who he was. It was coincidence we bought Dianna Krall tickets a few weeks later and he was opening.

    He was incredible live, for those not familiar he is a Jazz Trumpet player. We liked his show more than Diana's which was disappointing in the incredibly small set she played.

    Either way we enjoyed Chris so much we bought one of his CD' was so horrible I actually sent an email to his website and producer. Worst production I've heard in a long long time, sounded like a CD mastered from scratchy LP's stored in a basement since the 70's...ok well not that bad but you get the idea.

    So I cancel BB Online and switch back to Netflix. I move the Chris Botti BD upto the top of the list and it was delivered today.

    Its amazing...PCM 5.1 at 13.8mbps, 24/96. Its pretty close to being there. This is the best audio I've heard on anything, BD, HD-DVD, DVD-A, SACD, etc.

    The soundstage is incredible even in my acoustically poor room. I've been wanting to do the room to increase the presence but if all my music sounded like this I'd leave it alone.

    Its so close to the concert hall sound. You can close your eyes and the only thing missing is the 'airy" sound of a large venue. I have pretty sensitive hearing and have a good feeling for the sound of open space. If it were not for that I'd say I was there.

    I'm listening to it and cannot believe how great it sounds.

    Its a Sony/Columbia release so I hope they continue this quality of release.

    PQ is OK, good at times, DVD quality at worse. Video is AVC at 28mpbs average. They could get away with the same PQ at 20mbps.

    Seriously this is enough for me to be happy with my PS3 purchase by itself.

    I've only been wowed a few times. Love on DVD-A, my first Porcupine Tree DVD-A, and a very very select few others.

    This tops them all. Even if your not a fan check it out, its phenomenal. If your a fan of Blade Runner's music then you'll like it, its the first thing to come to mind [​IMG]

    Its only 14.95 at Amazon right now....if you have a HDMI receiver that will do multi-channel PCM go rent a PS3 and this disc, its that good.
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    If you are referring to the live concert with Sting, Paula Cole, Renee Olsted, Gladys Knight, and other guest singers, this has also been on HD Net a few times, as well.

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