Chosing one DVD Player out of those 3.....

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    Jul 11, 2002
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    Will better fit in this section :
    Ok, I narrow it down to 3 models witch from the respective product web spec seem to be about the same.
    Here are the 3 Players :
    1) Toshiba SD3800
    2) Panasonic RP62
    3) Hitachi DVP725
    so, anyone got good or bad experience with one of those 3?
    they all have the same spec and price around here(Canada) so It is quite hard to choose!
  2. Asa_M

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    Sep 11, 2002
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    out of them i would probably go with the panasonic

    i am also in the market for a new dvd player

    after 3+ years of constant headaches with the
    jvc xvd701bk i am fed up

    my jvc have an excellent picture and good sound, but the problem is that it does NOT work the majority of the time

    i have been eyeing the onkyo dvcp500 changer for about $299 it seems to have a better warranty than most players 12/12 vs. 12/3

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