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John Ford

I have been a long time fan of Gerry Anderson's work and have collected several of the sets of his shows including Space 1999 and the Thunderbirds. Recently I saw on A&E's site that "Supercar" is being released to DVD. This show was my first experience with Anderson and although I had been a science fiction fan already I believe that Supercar was one of the prime reasons I became a true technophile/gadget freak. I know that seeing the show now it will be dated and childish but it's almost like I will be able to recapture a small part of my childhood. I was just curious if there is anyone else who is as big a fan of the world of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.


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Nov 1, 2002
*waves hands madly in air* Mememememe!! I'm a huge Gerry Anderson fan too ... Thunderbirds was my into :D

Although I must admit that Space 1999 wasn't among my fav's (not sure why *shrug*) and I haven't bought any of those discs, I do have the entire Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet so far. Stingray is on my list next as soon as I can scrape enough $$ to get it. Stingray is near $105 Canadian depending on where you can find it. And Fireball XL5 is about $95 Cdn. Looks like Supercar will be about $90 as well (all prices from Amazon.ca).

Soooo many discs, so little $$ *sigh

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