Child endangerment and the Rugrats....

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    Once and a while I sit down with my kids and watch the Rugrats with them. And I have to say...Those parents should be brought up on child endangerment charges. Almost every episode deals with the kids running off or some other dangerous activity. Just today the Pickle family took all of the kids to the Reptar Ice show.(By the way, do these other parents ever see their own kids, they are always at the Pickles.) And while the parents fell asleep. The kids ran on to the ice. My 7 year old even says.."Those parents never watch their kids". Look one kids has been in diapers for 10 years. What a shame.

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    THAT IS SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!! Sitting down watching it with my 5 and 3 year old I cant help but thinking ARGHHH!!!! Those damned irresponsible parents. And even worse is grandpa pickles! that bastard falls asleep every show when hes supposed to be watching his grandchildren.

    But all in all its a good entertaining show. I saw that reptar episode yesterday. funny[​IMG]

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