Chicken Little

Discussion in 'Movies' started by mattCR, Nov 4, 2005.

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    Took my son to see this tonight. Very dissapointing. I sat through the first half hour and thought "wow, is this going to get better?" And it just never happened.

    The biggest problem I had was that the movie had no heart. Nothing really happened to define characters (and what did was pretty offensive) and it just seemed rushed.

    The previews showed us tons of movies coming out in the computer animated format. I wonder how long it will take people to realize that: just because it's computer animated doesn't make it Pixar (or good at all). What makes a movie work is the story.. and Chicken Little doesn't really have one.

    In a plot that could be done in a single episode of "Jimmy Neutron" characters appeared and dissappeared. No backstory for any characters, but references to tons of characters. The porcupine? You see him onscreen for less then 30 seconds. Fish out of water? The quirky character who seems to just move around. Even my son was confused and kept saying "what's happening?"

    But this movie ran really "afoul" (pardon the pun!) when Chicken Little tried out for baseball. One of the big moments in "The Incredibles" was the realization that being special was "OK" and that we should celebrate that. Chicken Little makes an effort to make a talent baseball player look like a dupe and bad guy.. just for being talented (she gets no other screen time to fill you in on much else). As punishment, the character is then transformed into a "girly girl". Was there something really wrong with an athletically promising girl? Why make her a villain, when there was no payoff but to put her down at the end, and it did not help the protagonist at all?

    This movie is just.. bad. I'm sure kids will be begging to see it. But parents may cover there eyes and wonder what is going on with all the references to the Barbara Streisand-loving pig and karaoke Spice Girl moments.

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