Cheapie-deapie DVD player to replace $1000 deck?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Aaron Silverman, Dec 23, 2003.

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    Aaron Silverman
    Hi gang,

    I've finally gotten myself a 16:9 set (Mits 55513), but am still using the Pioneer Elite DV-05 that's been attached to my old 4:3 set for several years now. I don't really want to lay out the dough right now for another expensive player, since I just spent a bundle on the set and a whole lot of new discs.

    Would it be worth it to pick up one of those cheap players that does progressive scan? Will the prog scan on a sub-$100 deck improve the PQ over the old higher-end player? If so, what's a good one to get?

    Eventually I want to upgrade to SACD and DVD-A compatibility, but for the time being am wondering if one of those cheap players would be worth it in the interim. (Alternatively, if there is a sub-$200 player that has SACD and/ or DVD-A, and would be much higher quality than the dirt-cheap models, I could be persuaded!)

    One more thing. . .PAL->NTSC conversion and multi-region capability would be bonus.
  2. Don_Berg

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    No, the cheapest progressive scan DVD player model with a decent de-interlacer (better than the one in your HDTV) is around $300. You need a model with a Faroudja or Silicon Image de-interlacer for good quality, like the Denon DVD-1600 or DVD-910.
  3. Jeff W.

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    I bought a $65 Toshiba, and it's going right back. Too many PQ issues, and this was in interlaced mode on a 27" Wega... IMO save a few more $ and get a good player.

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