Cheap TV's with the "Squeeze Trick"

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Bill Will, Aug 25, 2002.

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    This week K-Mart has the 32 & 36 inch Curtis Mathes sets on sale for $399 & $629. The 36 inch has P-I-P. Both of these sets are made by Samsung & should be able to do the "squeeze trick" from the menu or remote. K-Marts add states that the set has "DVD Component video input" but I'm pretty sure it's a misprint & should have read "COMPOSITE" I checked Curtis Mathes' website & they don't mention "Component" inputs. I did send Curtis Mathes an email & I will post their reply on the inputs & Squeeze trick when I get it unless someone else on the forum can already answer it. Curtis Mathes has two 32 inch models so also let us know what the model numbers are at K-Mart. Maybe one is last years model & one is this years model?
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    Bill, I'd purchase a display that sports the actual brand name of its manufacturer--or one that is sold under a nationally recognized brand name--LG Electronics (Zenith) or Thomson Multimedia (RCA, Scenium--though I've stay away from these brands). (If I'm not mistaken, the "Curtis Mathes" brand name is only marketed in the American Southeast. And, besides, you don't want a display that doesn't have component-video inputs.)

    As for a "cheap" TV that does the squeeze trick--many inexpensive sets from such respected OEMs as Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic can perform the squeeze from the service menu. Not many inexpensive sets can do it from the user menu, though (despite the fact it wouldn't cost that much to incorporate the feature).

    RCA, long before the "home theater" craze as we know it got started, was offering a raster-compression feature on small direct views years ago--it was adjustable from a knob on the back panel. How about that?

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