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    Are the following specs OK for a CHEAP set of speakers as a Christmas present for a 16 yr old (cost is a factor...see info AFTER reading the specs)?
    Finish: Black
    3-Way Design
    12" Polymer Woofer
    5-1/4" Liquid Cooled Dome
    7/8" Liquid Cooled Dome Tweeter
    8 Ohms Average Impedance
    Suggested Amplifier Power: 10-250 Watts
    Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 20 kHz
    Crossover Frequency: 900 Hz, 2800 Hz
    Sensitivity: 90 dB @ 1W - 1M
    Warranty: 5 Years Limited Parts/Labor
    Weight: 60 Lbs.
    No. of Speakers: One Pair (2 Eaches)
    Dimensions: 28-13/16"H x 14-11/16"W x 9-7/16"D
    The above are for KLH speakers at Best Buy
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    Its really hard to say how good a speaker is based on the specs. The frequency response spec says that the speaker can go down to 28 hz but gives no indication at what level or how distorted.
    That being said, there is nothing that sticks out as being a problem. I guess the decision would also be influenced by what type of music the 16 year old is listening to and what equipment is currently being used.
    I would suggest finding a Best Buy, liberating a CD from the teens selection and taking a listen yourself.
    Also, you may be able to find a higher quality speaker through online retailers like
    They have some strong supporters on this forum (I have no personal experience with them) and their Level 2 speaker seems to be in your price range. Those are much smaller speakers though and may not be the best choice for a teenager who listens to bass-heavy music like techno or rap.
    KLH make popular budget speakers but the spec alone won't tell you if they are the perfect Christmas gift.
    My 2¢.

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