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    Amazon UK (Region 2) is taking pre-orders for CHE which will be released in June. I suspect the US DVD selling sites will also be posting the title shortly. CHE is presented in two parts with a running time of approximately 4 1/2 hours. Part one can now be purchased.

    FOX Movie Channel broadcast the Jack Palance, Omar Sharif CHE movie yesterday in 2:35 x 1 letterbox. It is not a very good movie and off course the video and audio were decent.

    With a running time of 96 minutes the story never has a chance to properly develop. The movie is presented like a documentary with flashbacks. A Bolivian military commander is narrating throughout the movie to help the viewer understand the story.

    The movie starts with the death of CHE in Bolivia. The narration begins and the rebels are shown invading Cuba. The movie ends were it began with the capture and assassination of CHE in Bolivia. After watching the FOX CHE one can understand why they did not release the title at the same time the Sodenberg CHE is released.
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    Magnolia/IFC needs to announce the DVD release soon,not so many ppl managed to watch this in cinemas.

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