Charade Criterion Problem on JVC HELP

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by DavidJ, Feb 9, 2002.

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    After getting lucky enough to find the Criterion version of Charade at Border's after months of looking (I had a gift card to use), I opened it tonight to watch with my wife. Imagine my dismay when it begin to stutter and pixelate at the very start of the movie. It seemed to get better for a few seconds only to return with a vengence. This is the first disc I have had a problem with on this player. It is a JVC XV-SA70. I tried another disc in the machine and it played fine. I also used a cleaning disc on the player. The problem continued. The Charade disc did seem to play fine on my laptop's DVD-ROM drive. (I also noticed the Charde disc had a few small scratches and a smudge mark. I have had other discs with such marks that played fine.) Anyone else had a problem with this disc and/or player? I am extremely dissappointed.
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    CC Charade plays fine on my Pioneer DV333. Doctor Zhivago is the only disc I have had any problems with--I am expecting a replacement for that in the mail.


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