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    I have pointed out several times that their pricing is so horrendous, that it should not be surprised at its own financial problems.
    For example: Final Fantasy at $41 with a sale price of $37. SW TPM at $32 with a sale price of $29. The Godfather set for $122.
    Why do I care, since I don't shop there, and I am sure no other reasonably cognizant homo sapien does either? Because its usually the Canadian tax payer that has to help bail these companies out. It baffles me that they would even post pricing as stupid as this since only an ???? would pay it. in its original form went bust because it could not compete. Now, Indigo owns it, and will no doubt go the same way.
    If you want Canadian pricing more in line with B&M retail, shop A&B Sound or Future Shop. There's no excuse for this nonesense from Indigo.
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    I agree, but the worst thing is that I'm sure they sell a bit because of impulse buys.
    They sent me a $10 coupon a few months ago, when I realized the prices were AT LEAST that much more expensive I just laughed.
    Some very good book prices though.
    Brent L
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