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Changing the Studio Logos for DVD's... (1 Viewer)


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May 22, 1999
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I really miss seeing the ORIGINAL LOGOS at the start of many DVD movies released by some studios, because they are opting to use the more updated and "centemporary" ones instead. For instance, I don't think a single United Artists release on an MGM DVD sports the dark blue TransAmerica "T" formed by six animated lines. Instead we invariably get the newer (admittedly pretty good) UA intro with the gold letters and familiar music. Warner Bros, as much as I love their DVD work, rarely uses the original logo from their 60's-70's-80's movies (although BULLET, for example, still carries the original Warner/7-Arts design, but that is probably because part of the movie's action is going on behind it). Instead they opt for the blue sky/clouds/shield design, except during their anniversary, when we had that peculiar distortion of the studio buildings reflected from the surface of a 3-D shield.

Other studios do keep the original logos: Paramount, Fox, Columbia, Universal (only after they've first presented that horrible thing they use for current productions, with the neon shafts of light generated from a day-glo Earth...wish they'd stayed with the one before it). Avco-Embassy and American-International movies that are released to DVD by MGM have their original openings as well.

But I started this thread mainly because, although UA has not been affiliated with Transamerica for ages, it would be nice to see that logo once again. It, like many of the movies sporting that opening, are of a particular time and should be preserved.

Ravi K

Supporting Actor
Feb 24, 2003
MGM puts their logo on films originally from Embassy or Orion or whatever company, e.g., This is Spinal Tap.

Ricardo C

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Feb 14, 2002
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Ricardo C
My complaint is a bit different, since it's related to current releases. I get annoyed by Universal adding their URL to their logo on their DVD releases. Hey, you don't beat me over the head with it in theaters, don't do it at home!


Supporting Actor
Sep 23, 2003
I didn't know some else felt the same way I do about this issue, that before this thread, I thought was a non issue.

Aaron Garman

Second Unit
Oct 23, 2001
I actually went through many of my DVDs and made a custom DVD-R with all the studio logos one after the other. The most interesting to watch was Universal, which I had a few different flavors. The 75th Anniversary version of it showed the evolution of the Universal logo from the black and white days and an airplace to full color. It did bug me seeing the UA logo before Goldfinger though...it just didn't seem to fit right. Does anyone know what would have appeared before the film in 1964? Sorry, I'm a bit young to go back that far!


Mark Edward Heuck

Jul 25, 2000
I think United Artists really didn't start using a logo until they were bought by Transamerica in the late '60's. So most of their movies until then would really have just started right then and there. So having a new UA or MGM logo precede those films is not quite a bad thing, because you can always just pretend that it's not a true opening.

Yes, though, almost all old UA releases from the Transamerica era have gone through some sort of revisionist history on DVD, probably because it was not a happy marriage for the many years they owned them, and MGM would like to avoid giving them free advertising now. Laserdiscs used to be better about preserving the originals; my THE LONG GOODBYE disc opened with a then MGM/UA logo, then went into the Transamerica buildup (which was backed by "Hooray for Hollywood," so in that instance perhaps synching a new logo in front would have been too much effort).

Frankly, I kinda liked the pre-MGM, post-Transamerica UA logo of the early '80's, with the fused silver letters and the spare piano that erupted into fanfare. Every reinvention since then has felt rather pointless.

Ed St. Clair

Senior HTF Member
May 7, 2001
Would like to see the new version first. You 'know' if they maded one, their going too use it.
Then go to the "original" & movie.

James Lambert

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 12, 2003
For Universal, the recent Frankenstein Legacy discs can show their early evolution, including the plane used on the 75th anniversary (first used on Back to the future 2 or 3 if I remember correctly)

Richard Kim

Senior HTF Member
Jan 29, 2001

Warner does have a bad habit of replacing the red and black Warner logo with the modern WB shield logo in their 70s-80s films. They did bring back the old logo for the new 2 disc Enter the Dragon, since the older DVD had the modern logo.

Bill Williams

May 28, 2003

That is so true indeed. Serious cases in point: On the "Superman" DVD, they retained the white W logo against the black backdrop that was used at the beginning of the film, yet at the very end of the film they had a white shield-style WB logo at the end of the SE film credits. On the widescreen laserdisc of the theatrical cut they used the black-and-white W logo on the red screen.

With "Superman II" and "III", they had the red W, followed by the black-and-white W logo against the red screen at the start of each film, yet on their widescreen laserdiscs they had the gold-orange WB logo in the clouds at the start of the film. I don't know about their respective DVDs, since I don't have either one yet.

With "Superman IV", the film started out with the gold-orange WB logo in the clouds, and it was that way with the film in the theater, on VHS and on laserdisc. Yet for the DVD release they used the more modern flickering WB studio-to-logo entrance. Go figure...

And the "Star Wars" films are just as bad an example. The original versions we know and love had the classic Fox logo followed by in plain green type "A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production". Yet for the 1997 SE's they switched it out with the more modern-looking Fox logo and the green-to-silver "Lucasfilm" logo at the start.

And another one I recall was with the VHS release of "Star Trek IV" in 1987. The film started out with the traditional film-looking Paramount logo and mountain, yet for the VHS release they went with the 75th anniversary ILM-style logo. But for the widescreen VHS and the DVD they went back to the classic logo.

And with the DVD release of "Star Trek: TMP" they used the more modern-looking Paramount logo at the start of the film, replacing the traditional logo in the original version.

Have mercy when we can spot all of the logo changes at the start of films from film to VHS to laserdisc to DVD...

Douglas R

Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2000
London, United Kingdom
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That's not correct. UA used a logo for very many years prior to the Transamerica era logo. The words were in a sort of box design and appeared at the beginning and end of the film. I agree that I would like to see that old logo returned on DVD although I seem to remember reading that there was some legal reason why MGM couldn't use the old logo.


Senior HTF Member
Jan 30, 2003

I would think that was more of a Lucas thing about the new "Lucasfilm LTD." Logo. It would have been nice if they had kept the original Fox intros, but since it went through a theatrical re-release, I see why it was done. New prints and all.

On the Alien Quadrilogy, for "Alien" they use a newer Fox logo for both cuts of the film. The only way to see "Alien" with the original theatrical Fox logo on DVD is if you held onto the old 20th Anniversary edition DVD.

Jesse Skeen

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 1999
One of the biggest ironies in this category is "Speed"- it was the very last movie to use the older Fox intro before they changed to the newer CGI one (first used on True Lies), but all video releases of Speed have had the newer intro on them. That almost kept me from getting the film at all (yes, I'm that obsessive) til I finally broke down when I found a sealed LD of the AC3 reissue dirt cheap.
The old UA intros are another reason why I treasure my CED videodisc collection :)

John Kilduff

Oct 27, 2001
I don't know about Warner's logos...

On the one hand, I'm a fan of the red-and-black abstract W 70s/early 80s logo, and would like to see it preserved.

On the other hand, I like the "As Time Goes By" logo, as I call it. I'm a fan of it mainly due to the brief but powerful arrangement of "As Time Goes By" that plays over it.

Like I said, I'm torn.

Anyway, what about the "As Times Goes By" CLOSING logo? It started by accompanying Warner's syndicated TV programs, and now it's being used with movies from their library. Among the movies I've seen on TV with the "As Time Goes By" closing logo:

"Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory"
"The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh"
"Pennies From Heaven"

When those last 3 make it to DVD, I wonder if they'll have the newer logo at the end. "Moving" also had the "As Time Goes By" logo at the beginning. This isn't the only more recent Warner title to have that logo affixed to it. I've also noticed it before airings of "Stand And Deliver" and "Doc Hollywood".

Thoughts, gentlemen and ladies?


John Kilduff...

Who believes that the fundamental things apply.


Stunt Coordinator
Apr 17, 2003
In answer to the UA question before Transamerica, I remember a broadcast of You Only Live Twice on TBS that preserved (I know this from seeing it reissued on the big screen in NYC) the still kaleidoscopic logo of UA, with the words United Artists in there...

I agree with preserving the original logos...Marathon Man, one of the best Paramount DVDs for my money and when they went to the hilt for the older titles (now they favor the newer titles, ex. a trailer for The Perfect Score and a full blown SE for Timeline, but no trailer for The President's Analyst even though they showed it on AMC some time back) they had the mountain turning into a pac man sky with the blue background (proof from the laserdisc) and now they go to the average Paramount beginning from the early eighties..not a big thing, but it does take the time factor out and the original flavor out..

I'm so with preserving the red to white on round black logo of Warners..I'll never know why the change, but the studios can't all be George Lucas erasing the original things that made them money in the first place and replacing them with the newer thing acting like it was there the whole time...some people want to remember, and it's not a good idea to erase the past or history for that matter

Who's with me on this???
comments welcome and can be e-mailed as well
and check out the Simpsons Season Four review on the site below


Jul 30, 2013
Milwaukie, OR, US
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In recent years, the classic Paramount Television logos have slowly been escaping from being plastered when on DVD... thanks to CBS licensing some of these catalog TV titles to companies like VEI or if self-released, through their MOD program. Examples:
The Young Lawyers (1970-1971)
The Immortal (1970-1971) (VEI)
Longstreet (1971-1972) (VEI)
The Magician (1973-1974) (VEI)
Petrocelli (1974-1976) (VEI)
Angie (1979-1980) (VEI)
The Bad News Bears (1979-1980) (VEI)
Here's Boomer (1980-1982)
Best of the West (1981-1982)
The Powers of Matthew Star (1982-1983) (VEI)

Here's the 1979 logo from The Bad News Bears TV series DVD:

And here's the rare alternate 1982 logo (taller peak) from The Powers of Matthew Star DVD:

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