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  1. Michael Levane

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    Hi everyone,

    Being a complete novice, I was wondering if you could give me some valuable advice. I bought a set from Yamaha which came with 5 speakers. Since I like listening to music, I was hoping to upgrade the two side speakers.

    I remember reading somewhere that one should not upgrade only part of the speakers since it breaks the overall balance, i.e. the more powerful speakers overwhelm the others.

    Is this true? The speakers I currently have are all rated at 70watts, but I would like to have 200watts for the two sides.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Hi Michael.

    You have touched on a subject with a bigger heading: HT vs Music speakers.

    For a HT system, you want tone-matched (not power-matched) front speakers. This is so as sounds swirl across the speakers, the location changes, but not the actual sound itself.

    For a music system, the goal is accuracy. For a HT system, the goal is impact.

    In general, you can buy inexpensive/less-accurate speakers and have a great movie experience. But these speakers typically show flaws with music.

    You have 2 choices IMHO:
    1. Look for a more musical set of HT speakers. Some suggestions would be Paradigm, Energy, or one of budget speakers reviewed at

    2. If your receiver has a A/B speaker selector, go audition a pair of musical speakers and set them up in addition to your existing Yamaha's. This allows you to place the HT speakers best for movies, but also place the new speakers more optimally for 2-channel music reproduction.[/list=1]

      Hope this helps.

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