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Brian Alan

Mar 26, 2000
I bought my wife the new "Trust Me--I'm A Designer" DVD from BBC America, and it arrived today. We popped it into our Toshiba SD-2109 DVD player, and suddenly none of the buttons on our remote worked, nor could we actuate the "enter" function at the menu to get it out of the menu screen into a play mode. We then tried some known good discs--same problem. Turned the player off and on and checked the remote--same problem. Is the infrared sensor in my player shot? Or is anyone else having the same problem? I feel a bit foolish giving my wife this gift if she can't even watch it.

Simon Basso

Stunt Coordinator
May 7, 2001
Is this a compilation? Does it contain the episode where Linda Barker destroys somebody's entire (30+) ornamental teapot collection by designing a set of shelves suspended from wires that can't take the weight and collapses? I'd buy that just to see the look of horror on Ms Barker's face.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
This sounds to me like the IF sensor did indeed choose that moment to die on you.

Did you try unplugging the unit for a minute and then restarting it, to totally give any lingering "smart" settings a chance to clear? Some players have "memory" like a PC does, and a badly programmed (or glitchy) software setting can mask as a hardware problem until you totally cold boot the player. I have no idea if your model is like that, though.

But if you want to treat it as a "software problem" for now, the next thing to do is see if the problem follows the disc: use it in another DVD player and see what happens. I would recommend you do NOT use a friends! :) It sounds like you got it by mail-order, so there's no way to ask the store you bought it at to try it out for you. But maybe you can think of something.

Other than that, my advice is to treat this as hardware and contact Toshiba to ask for troubleshooting advice. Perhaps their website has a FAQ that will get you moving in the right direction.

Also, this thread may get better advice than mine in the hardware section.

Good luck!

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
I am with you Simon...but also the 'victim' didn't seem to worried about what had been done. I think that in a way she was relieved to have those damn teapots gone...I do believe though that Linda took responsibilty the right way though...though I loved Andy's face when he saw what had happened...almost like a 'I told you this was going to happen' stance...

Been thinking of getting this disc...I am so addicted to this show!

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