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Robert Packman

Mar 16, 2001
got this off skyreport.com

Are there changes ahead for DISH Network-delivered HDTV?

During the past few weeks the folks at DBStalk.com have been hearing reports that this could be the case. According to sources, current DISH Network 6000 owners will receive a new upgrade module, which will plug into the second unused expansion bay on the DISH 6000. The new module will use the Broadcom chipset combination of a BCM4500 and a BCM3440 HDTV chip, which will provide EchoStar with more than a 35 percent increase in its HDTV bandwidth.

Currently, DISH can broadcast two HDTV signals on one transponder. With the new Broadcom chip, the company will be able to broadcast three HDTV channels on one transponder with no loss of video quality. It's expected that this module will be provided free of charge to 6000 owners. Owners could begin receiving these hardware upgrades late in the third quarter, DBStalk.com said. However, EchoStar said it's still evaluating shipment of any equipment.

While it's expected that normal HDTV broadcasts will continue until all hardware upgrades have been shipped, at some point the normal HDTV channels will be shut off, DBStalk.com said. Those without the Broadcom upgrade will be left without HDTV from DISH Network.

On the potential HDTV changes, EchoStar spokesman Marc Lumpkin said, "EchoStar is working hard to increase the efficiency of our HD broadcasts to the benefit and enjoyment of our customers." According to the company, this goal can be accomplished by adding the adapter to the DISH Network Model 6000. That may make the current combination Model 5000 with the HD adapter obsolete for receiving HD broadcasts, "but fortunately the number of customers affected is very small," Lumpkin said.

EchoStar offers four channels of high definition today, the most in the country on a nationwide basis, Lumpkin said. "We hope to continue to be the market leader in offering high definition TV. With more capacity gained from the merger of EchoStar and DirecTV, the combined company will be able to broadcast a minimum of 12 HDTV channels."
Mar 8, 2000
Thanks, at least something different than 'we will probably add some more hd at some point in the future' schtick. Seems like a bit of a hack, though. Any idea what current hd capacity is? Seems like it's gotta be more than 4. Heck, swap out another hd channel for the demo loop, no added bandwidth. They should max current capability and not find another excuse to wait.

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