Change Surround Speaker Location when Upgrading to 6.1/7.1?

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    I am close to purchasing a Denon 3802 to replace my curent receiver. Once I do so, I'm sure it won't take me long to start thinking about upgrading to a 6.1 or 7.1 speaker configuration. My current surrounds are mounted on the side walls in my viewing room, about 5 feet behind my seating position. Here's my question - when I add 1 or 2 back surrounds to my system, should I also move my existing surrounds up to lie directly to the sides of my seating position? This seems to be what others are generally doing, although in the 3802's manual where it discusses speaker setup it appears to support a 6.1/7.1 configuration with leaving my existing surrounds as is. Also, assuming that I do leave my surrounds intact, is there any advantage to placing the back surrounds even further back than the regular surrounds?
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    Yes, your side speakers should be approx. in line with your seating position, and the rears behind you, about where they are now, or a few feet more if you have the room. How far back will depend on on your room size and the type of surround you use (di/bi/monopole).
    You might want to cobble up some sort of temporary stand setup & move them around a bit, to see what works best before mounting them on the walls...

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