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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Nick B, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. Nick B

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    Hello All:

    I am poised on the verge of assembling my new HT in my new house. We close next Friday. Anyway, I was at the house last night and was able to take a good look at the basement family room where I will be setting up. The room is basically rectangular, but has some quirks that make me question how to best orient my system. It is a 7.1 system with bipoles on the sides and monopoles in the rear.

    The room is basically 25' x 13'. The 25' walls are not a problem, as they have no quirks. Things get more interesting with the 13' walls. One of them jogs back 4' at the half way point. What I mean is that for 6 1/2', the wall is 23' away from the opposite wall, then for the remaining 6 1/2', it is 27' away from the opposite wall. Interesting, to say the least.

    The opposite 13' wall in no cake walk either. It consists of an open (no door) stairway leading upstairs, and three small cubbies (roughly 5 1/2' by 4') that have no door and are 3' deep. Basically, this is the area underneath the stairs, separated into three progressively smaller discrete spaces.

    Acoustically, what are your thoughts? Is it better to have the mains and center pointed toward the jog wall, or toward the stairway opening and small closets? If the system is oriented toward the jog wall, it means that rear monopoles will need to go on that wall. This means that one rear will be 4' behind (or in front of) the other rear. Which way is least horrible?

    If it is oriented toward the stairway and closets, I predict that end of the room will be very dead. All of those little open cubbies can do all kinds of things with the sound waves. And in order to mount my rear monopoles above the cubbies, they are going to be right up close to the suspended ceiling. Any particular problems with this?

    As always, your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

    Nick B
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