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    Ronneil had a thread about his SVS sub where he asked about configuring his system. Terrence had a comprehensive list of things. I don't recognize many steps and I'm interested in learning more.

    Sorry to add a new thread but that one turned into a SVS vs DIY sub thread.

    I'm very interested in what these things are and where I can read more about this. I understand a majority but some of it...

    FR sweep? What's that?
    corner load. What's that?

    Here are Terrences steps. Any clues would be appreciated. Maybe pointing me to a tutorial on HT cfg.

    Thank you
    Corner load.
    All speakers set to small.
    Pre/pro xo set to 80 Hz.
    Sub level to -5 in the pre/pro.
    DVD player set to bitstream.
    All dynamic range control circuits off in DVD and pre/pro.
    All bass limiters off in pre/pro.
    LFE channel level set to max (i.e., unattenuated level) in pre/pro.
    Balance/calibrate all speaker channels to Reference Level.
    Low pass filter disabled at the SVS.
    Phase to 0 at the SVS.
    All ports open and tune switch to 20 Hz.

    Set the sub about 2 dB lower (or the same if you like things a little hot) than the speaker channels. Using the next higher scale on the meter and c-weighted slow setting will help keep it from fluctuating and it will be easier to read.

    Run a FR sweep at the listening position and look for obvious peaks and nulls. Experiment with placement first, and then adjust phase next. Re-run sweeps until you get the best response possible without resorting to an external PEQ.

    Play some music and DVDs and adjust final sub level to taste. Often the music setting will be lower than the HT setting, and your pre/pro should be able to remember settings for both.
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    Frequency sweep is measuring the frequency response of the sub using a SPL meter and test tones. You can get test tones from
    and the SPL meter from radio shack

    Corner loading is just placing a sub into a corner. If you want more info, there is a HT config tutuorial in the Basics area and you can buy a calibration disc like Sound and Vision, Digital Video Essentials or Avia

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