Center too much weight for my Sony RPTV??

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mark_H, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Mark_H

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    Oct 23, 2003
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    Awhile back I noticed that my JBL N-Center (10-lbs) was bowing the front Bezel down on my Sony KP-57WS510 CRT RPTV. After upgrading to an S-Center (15-lbs) I wanted to try and fix this problem.

    I made a shelf from 6'' wide 3/4" MDF, cut it the same width as the front Bezel and on the back edge put a 2 1/2" strip of 3/4" MDF 90 degrees to the shelf. The Front edge of the shelf rests on the Bezel and the strip rests on the Back Hood.

    I put stick on rubber feet on the the corners of the shelf and the strip so the weight is all on the corners of the Bezel and the corners of the Back Hood. The corners are much stronger and I can't see any bowing any longer.

    Have I done enough or should I be concerned about the weight on my set?? I like the looks and picture of the Sony RPTV's but since the set is plastic instead of Particle board on the top and sides I'm sure its not as strong either.

    What are others doing with their Sony's?

    Thanks for any/all advice.
  2. Andy Goldstein

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    that should work fine. either spread the load out evenly across the top, which would require a perfectly flat, stiff board, or support the weight at the corners as you have done. if there is no visible bending of the top or screen you got it right.



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