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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Chris T. Kennedy, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Chris T. Kennedy

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    Hey all -

    Back in July, I picked up a Klipsch RC7 center channel for my HT. I have it hooked up to a Panasonic XR-70 Receiver + S97 DVD player.

    I am not quite sure if perhaps I am going insane, but I *think* I sometimes hear static during loud sequences (even at low volumes) on movies.

    (latest example) I was thinking about buying the new editions of the Star Trek TNG movies (with the recent release of Nemesis), and that made me throw in the original DVD release of Nemesis.

    There are a few scenarios where I think I hear static, but the one I kept listening to (and sticking my hear right up to the speaker on) was when Picard orders the self destruct and the computer tells him it is offline. It seems like there is static on her voice - like there is gain from somewhere, but there really isn't.

    What sort of things could contribute to this? Maybe I am imagining it? (trying to hard) I don't believe there is any gain on the receiver (or DVD player for that matter). Audio is hooked up via coaxial - so there shouldn't be any analog weirdness. I replaced the speaker wire, so it is new. (It is a double terminal center, but I am only using one pair of terminals since I can't bi-amp the center from this receiver) Is there anyway I could have screwed up during the speaker hookup?

    What about break-in time on the speaker? As soon as I got it, I fired up the Matrix lobby scene and cranked it up quite a bit. Any chance I could have blown it.

    I think this message is me slipping into denial. I have that 5 year warranty, of course - but I am not so sure I have a problem....


    - C.K.
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    1) You're overanalyzing.
    2) If it happens in the same spot every time, it is most likely in the recording.

    If you think it is the speaker, try the speaker on another channel. If it follows the speaker, then you may have a problem. If it remains in in the same channel, and happens at the same point every time, you probably don't have anything to worry about.

    It is unlikely that you clipped the Klipsch, but it is possible.

    I don't follow your digital vs analog comment, because something like that could still occur regardless of which way you hooked it up.

    Don't worry about biamping for now. [​IMG]
  3. DavidCooper

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    More than likely it's the source material. There are a lot of DVD's that have some harsh sounding freqencies in certain areas.

    Jurassic Park III comes to mind. The scene where the T-Rex looks up from the carcass and roars. You can hear the "buzzing" from the center channel. It does this will any speaker I've had. From a cheap paradigm cinema center channel up to my current Rocket Bigfoot center. I have found that this buzzing on certain parts of DVD's is more evident when using a higher quality center channel.

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