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Center suggestions to match HE 10.1's (1 Viewer)

Jeff Hoak

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 26, 2001
I have a pair of HE 10.1's that I use with a 2 channel system. I'm very pleased with the way they sound. So pleased that I'm toying with the idea of building another pair to use as surrounds and figuring out something to use for a center. I'd love to be able to listen to multi-channel DVD-A's with these guys.

The entertainment center that houses the RPTV and all of the equipment simply won't allow for another 10.1 as a center. There is a bit under 11" available height between the TV and the shelf above it.

An email from Adire a few months ago indicated that they were working on a 8.1 configuration but I haven't seen any new information since.

On a different but related subject. Shielding? Is an unshielded center sitting on top of a RPTV far enough away from the tubes to not cause problems. If I do end up trying to design something like a 8.1 for a center shielding it could well be an issue.

Bill Fagal

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 8, 2002
Hello Jeff,

With an othwise all HE 10.1 system, it seems a pity not to use one for the center channel, too.

It will be tight, but I'm pretty sure you could build a center-channel box for an Eminence Beta 10CX and APT-50 (the HE 10.1 drivers). Since you're already an HE 10.1 owner (builder?), you could rather simply duplicate the internal box volume, port dimensions, and crossover.

The overall basket diameter is 10" and the cutout is 9", so you could make a box as short as 10.5"--or even less if you do a little creative routing/rasping.


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